Who Are We?


After we had all gone our separate ways, following jobs or dreams or women, our friends decided that once every year we would meet for cigars. So each year we purchased the best, most unique cigar we could find. Then we removed the labels, assigned each cigar a number, and blindly drew the cigars.

Then, we smoked. We smoked without bias or preconceived opinions. We smoked without the influence of ad men. We knew not the brand nor country nor maker, and it was not revealed until the cigar was completed.

That night became something of a sacred night for us each year. And with each passing year, we wished others could share in that experience with us.

A decade later, we bring you Standard & Twain.

Standard & Twain is a monthly cigar smoking experience meant to challenge what you thought you knew. It was designed to refine your taste, maximize variety, and help you discover what's good---for you.

We'd love for you to join us on this ongoing adventure to hunt for, curate, age, and discover our favorite cigars. Standard & Twain isn't a cigar of the month club, it's a tasting experience that allows you to decide without bias which cigars you enjoy most. We hope to challenge you on what you thought you knew, and other times surprise you with cigars you didn't know about, but are glad you do now.

Now cut, light, perhaps pour a glass of something brown, and smoke diligently. Evaluate the cigar with our provided custom notes, even take a guess at what it is you are smoking. And when you're finished, read all about what you just enjoyed. We will post and compare member reviews and ratings and, after it is all said and smoked, we'll have found our Standard.