Caldwell Cigar Co. The King is Dead

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Caldwell Cigar Co. The King is Dead

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Robert Caldwell's premium cigar brand has been making waves in the industry with its exceptional releases. This boutique brand, known for its tasty small-batch offerings, has quickly gained a reputation akin to the finest bourbons—challenging to find but unforgettable once experienced.

"The King is Dead" is Caldwell's second blend, a medium-bodied masterpiece that exemplifies complexity and balance. What sets it apart is its exclusive use of rare and underused Dominican tobaccos, showcasing the rich diversity of the Dominican Republic's tobacco heritage.

Caldwell cigars are renowned for their flawless burn, and this Dominican puro is no exception. It offers a medley of flavors, including wood, graham cracker, chocolate, black pepper spice, fruit, milk chocolate, and a subtle, nutty sweetness, delivering an enjoyable smoking experience. While Caldwell cigars aren't budget-friendly, they undeniably provide value for their quality.

Caldwell Cigar Company, owned by Robert Caldwell, specializes in very small batch releases, making them occasionally elusive. Yet, "The King is Dead" has garnered significant praise, earning a remarkable 93-point rating. Reviewers lauded its unconventional name and its ability to blend maple sweetness with cirtus notes in surprising and delightful ways, solidifying its status as a standout in Caldwell's lineup.