Father's Day Package
Father's Day Package

Standard & Twain

Father's Day Package

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This is the perfect gift for that cigar-loving papa! Eight ultra premium cigars to blind taste! The package will also include tasting note cards with our digital 'Cigar Reveal' feature, a Crowned Heads ashtray, a cigar cutter, and cedar spills for the perfect light. These select cigars come from some of the most renowned cigar companies in the world, and were chosen by us for their unique characteristics, specific flavor profiles, and because they are simply some of the best cigars in the world... And are even better when smoked blind! 

Comes with:

  • Eight premium cigars
  • Tasting Note Cards
  • Crowned Heads ashtray
  • Cigar cutter
  • Cedar spills

How It Works

The package will come with eight cigars with their labels replaced with numbered tags. Now just smoke and enjoy! Pay attention to the strength, flavor and complexity of the cigar. Each box contains tasting cards to help you determine the traits of your cigar.

After you’ve smoked, it’s time for your cigar to be revealed. You may be surprised to have smoked a brand you thought you knew well, or you may discover a new favorite smoke!