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Rojas Cigars Street Tacos Barbacoa

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One of the things I have often taken issue with when it comes to cigar names is the immediate memories and influences that they can immediately call to mind, and thus set the tone for the cigar. I don't know how fixed into your mind the flavor of a barbacoa street taco is, but I'd like to think I have a fairly decent frame of reference for them, and as such the Rojas Street Tacos Barbacoa Robusto has some level of expectation to meet. The cigar—on its own and with no comparison to tacos—does quite well. First, construction is near perfect across all the samples. The flavor has some ebbs and flows, and my memories of it will be the journey between points of a fairly dry woodiness and a more lush, rich meatiness that incorporates spices, seasonings and pepper into something that easily draws comparisons to some Mexican foods. It's the spots between those two mileposts where the cigar doesn't quite perform as well, losing its complexity and seeing the body get a bit out of touch with the profile. However, if you enjoy a cigar with some distinct high marks, as well as one that will expose you to one of Nicaragua's lesser-known tobacco producing regions, this is one worth trying as it delivers not only an enjoyable profile but a pretty good bang for the buck.  - Halfwheel