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RoMa Craft Intemperance Volstead VO 1920

RoMa Craft Intemperance Volstead VO 1920

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When RoMa Craft Tobac unveiled the Intemperance blend in 2012, it marked the introduction of their second brand, succeeding the CroMagnon line. According to RoMa Craft Tobac, the conceptualization of the Intemperance line is intricately linked to the historical context of America's endeavors to prohibit alcohol. Notably, the brand incorporates a logo that draws inspiration from a renowned artifact associated with the temperance movement – a propaganda poster and political print crafted by A.D. Fillmore in 1855, a notable figure in the realm of temperance hymnody.

Adding a layer of historical significance, earlier this year, the company made public its latest addition to the Intemperance line – the Volstead VO 1920. The nomenclature of this new blend pays homage to the Volstead Act, a legislative measure established to enforce the era of prohibition. This strategic expansion aligns with RoMa Craft Tobac's commitment to infuse their creations with a rich narrative, encapsulating not only the craftsmanship of their products but also the historical tapestry that influences their branding and conceptualization.

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