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We are far from a Cigar of the Month club. Our Blind Tasting package is your invitation to hunt for new cigars, explore new brands, and find your cigar standard. No ads, no fancy labels. Just the tobacco, the smoke and your standard.

How It Works!

Select Your Box

No matter how many cigars you enjoy per month, we have the perfect box to match. Plus, you have the option to skip any shipment if your humidor is fully stocked.

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Now We (Blind) Smoke

This is where it gets interesting! You smoke the cigars with no idea if it's a $25+ Davidoff or a $10 RoMa Craft Volstead (Both have been featured in our blind tasting). Our boxes always come in with a minimum average MSRP of $12 a cigar.

Review Your Cigar

Use our uniquely-designed tasting cards (included) to keep track of the flavor profile and overall enjoyment! Take notes of the flavors you identify and compare them with our tasting chart created for each cigar.

It's Time: The Cigar Reveal!

When you're ready, scan the QR code on the band to pull up your cigar's custom Cigar Reveal page. Compare tasting notes, see professional reviews, and even videos from the cigar maker's themselves (some of the biggest names in the business) will all help you develop your palate and learn more about cigars. Curious?Check out an example here!

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Here's what cigar industry insiders are saying about us...

Crowned heads

Jon Huber

“Most of the cigars I smoke in the office do not have a band…they are all blind, to get the true essence of the tobaccos and the development of blends. I think the S+T concept is an excellent and a unique one.”

roma craft cigars

Skip Martin

“I'm really enjoying the process of smoking and deconstructing the flavors of the cigars in these monthly Standard + Twain packs!”

RoMa craft cigars

Mike Rosales

"This is right in the wheelhouse of something we would do. It's intriguing because you're going to smoke something you don't know anything about. Maybe you've never heard of our company but at the end of the day it comes down to what's in the cigar, right? Is it well-fermented, is it aged, how does the blend come together? And those are the things you'll be able to discern for yourself."

matilde cigars

Enrique Seijas

“When the band is not on, you have a clean slate. You just smoke the cigar and enjoy it without have any expectations. And I think it’s a beautiful way to experience the cigar fully. If you love it you love it, if you didn’t you didn’t, but you 100% are sure it had nothing to do with the brand or how it looked.”

Tabacalera La Isla

Hostos Fernandez

"I've always said a lot of smoking cigars is psychological ... a lot of people when they see a brand or a label they start thinking what they think the cigar should taste before they put it in their mouth. The way Standard + Twain is doing it their switching it up, which I love. They say try the cigar first and see what you think before you have any preconceptions of what it should taste like."

Griff & Dave Cigars

Dave Imber

"Comparing cigars without the brand-bias is one of the most important aspects of evaluating cigars; it's how we sample cigars when we're blending at the factory. It's one of the best ways to remove bias and find cigars you actually like that you would normally never grab."

Padilla cigars

Ernesta Padilla

"Standard + Twain takes away any marketing BS and lets you focus on what you really like. You can really start learning the profile you really after the fact. Smoke it first and then see, I think it's a genius concept and we're really fortunate they've asked us to be a part of it."