Letters of Transit Series

"Never go on a trip with someone you don't love." -Ernest Hemingway

Travel is an avenue into the nuances of taste and experience. We partnered with our favorite master-blenders to create a journey to our favorite corners of the world. Each cigar is blended specifically to capture the flavor and spirit of each location. Just as travel broadens horizons, these cigars will expand your palate and appreciation for the diverse tastes found across the globe.

More blends coming very soon!



Care to journey to the South of France? Created in the La Zona Factory (makers of 601, Knuckle Sandwich, and 94-point-rated Laranja) in Esteli, Nicaragua, the Provence is the first edition of our Letters of Transit collection. When we first tasted this cigar, and its strong floral and lavender flavor notes, we knew it was the perfect fit for Provence, a region famous for its miles and miles of gorgeous lavender fields...


new york

New York

"When my father spoke out against the Cuban government and he was in prison, many people across the world petitioned for his released. In 1980, Senator Ted Kennedy petitioned for my father's release, and my mother and I were able to leave a year before he did. Senator Kennedy met us at the airport, along with a bunch of news crews. So New York for me holds a lot of memories. Sometimes bittersweet, but I'm always excited to go to New York."   - Ernesto Padilla



As our third release for the Letters of Transit series, we are proud to introduce... Zanzibar! This blend is in collaboration with our friend and master blender Erik Espinosa. Zanzibar, an ancient island off the coast of Tanzania in East Africa, is known as the Spice Island. That’s because after thousands of years of spice trading, spices like cloves, turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, and peppercorn are an intrinsic part of the island’s culture. So sit back, light up, and set sail to the beaches of Zanzibar!