Cigar Reveal #102

S&T ID #102
Brand JRE
Cigar Aladino Corojo
Wrapper Honduras
Binder Honduras
Filler Honduras
Retail Price $11.50
Tasting Notes
Earth, White Pepper, Mideastern Spices, Baker’s Spice, Mixed Fruit, Cinnamon, Caramel
Description One of the best parts of smoking blind is working on identifying tobacco flavors from different countries. And while this isn't the first Honduran made cigar, it is the first cigar using 100% Honduran tobacco! With Cuba, Dominican Republic, and Nicaragua providing most of our cigars, along with lesser-known "exciting" tobacco countries emerging like Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, etc, Honduras is often the forgotten producer of really great tobacco. JRE are the initials of the founder, cigar master blender and tobacco grower Julio R. Eiroa. Eiroa was born in the Pinar del Rio region of Cuba famous for growing some of the world's best tobacco. Like so many others, he fled during the revolution and landed in Florida. One particularly wild fun fact about Eiroa is that a few years later he participated in the Bay of Pigs invasion. He eventually arrived in Honduras and began working with the Oliva Tobacco family, and even a plane crash that left him unable to walk did not stop him from acquiring the Camacho brand in 1995, turning it into a Honduran company. It wasn't long before Camacho was a (cigar) household name, with massively successful lines like the Triple Maduro. Years later Camacho was acquired by Davidoff and in 2016 he started again, this time with Aladino. That was obviously a very brief summary of a life well-lived, but it all adds up to 60 years in the tobacco business for Eiroa. This rich, decadent cigar is a result of that effort.
Review #1 Cigar Aficionado
Review #1 Content

(#18 Cigar of the Year 2019 !) With the rise of Nicaragua, worldwide appeal of Cuba and perennial demand for Dominican cigars, Honduras has become forgotten territory. Consider the Aladino Toro a reminder that Honduras not only produces great cigars, but it grows great tobacco. Aladino was created by industry veteran Julio Eiroa who blended the cigar with Cuban Corojo-seed tobacco grown in the Jamastran Valley. Made in Honduras, the Aladino Toro is the only Honduran puro to appear on this list. In terms of flavor, the cigar is a complex stew of Mideastern spices, showing notes of bay leaf, clove, cinnamon and cardamom atop a peppery, earthy core that kept us interested the entire time.

Review #2 Cigar Authority
Review #2 Content

There is a saying what’s old is new again and if you have been smoking cigars since the 90’s you might remember the original Camacho Diploma which came from the Eiroa family. That cigar was 100% authentic Corojo just as the Aladino is today. Lighting one up takes you back to that masterpiece with a modern twist in the form of a lot of complexity. The Robusto is our 2017 Cigar of the Year although any size of the line could of easily been chosen. It’s an instant classic.