Cigar Reveal #104

S&T ID #104
Brand Dunbarton Tobacco and Trust
Cigar Mi Querida
Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Retail Price $13.00
Tasting Notes Milk Chocolate, White and Black Pepper, Espresso, Earth

"Mi Querida literally translates as “my dearest", however it is a rather provocative word within Nicaragua used to expressly describe your secret mistress," said Dunbarton founder Steve Saka. "While this may sound like an oxymoron, it is not. It is not uncommon in the culture for a man to have a mistress that is both known by and basically approved of by his wife, whereas the “Mi Querida” is the woman who neither his wife or mistress know about or would ever approve of." For the record, we don't approve of having mistresses or mistresses of the mistresses, but we absolutely approve of the gorgeous oily broadleaf wrapper Saka utilizes on Mi Querida. This smoke won't be for everyone - it is a long, dense, full-bodied smoke with very specific flavors that do not cater to everyone's palate. But if it does happen to land in your flavor wheelhouse, it just may be your favorite cigar.

Review #1 Halfwheel
Review #1 Content
Let’s get three words right out of the way: dark, oily, toothy. As soon as I slid the first sample out of its cellophane sleeve, those three words came barreling into my mind. I could possibly add veiny to the list, though I think that might be an overstatement, especially compared to the other three, but it certainly is applicable ... I'm happy to report that the cigar lives up to seemingly whatever buzz was built up around it. While it's not perfect and would certainly benefit from a bit more time to dry out, the flavors are serious and complex, upfront and aggressive while only occasionally overstepping, and rarely leaving the palate wanting more or less than what is being offered. When the situation calls for a cigar that's got more gravitas than what Sobremesa offers, Mi Querida is one that will almost certainly do the trick.
Review #2 Leaf Enthusiast
Review #2 Content
This is Broadleaf done right…about as right as you’ll ever get it, in fact. Mi Querida had tons of sweetness, but balanced with earth and coffee and wood and pepper in such a way that it never grew dull or predictable. Some people have compared this to the Liga Privada #9, which is both a fair and unfair comparison ... This was a fantastic, damn near perfect cigar. The other sizes are very good, but this Fino Largo is a contender for Cigar of the Year.