Cigar Reveal #105

S&T ID #105
Brand Warped
Cigar La Hacienda
Wrapper Nicaraguan Corojo
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Nicaraguan
Retail Price $10.00
Tasting Notes Cedar, Leather, Graham Cracker, Spice, Oak, Butter, Citrus
Description It's been too long since we featured a Warped cigar in our blind tasting package. La Hacienda is Kyle Gellis's fourth regular production line that came out in 2015. It resurrected an old Cuban brand from the 19th century and translates to "The Estate." It is made in the TABSA factory in Esteli, Nicaragua, using all Nicaraguan tobacco. Gellis said of La Hacienda, "(It is) made in a Cuban tradition that breathes new life." And while claiming a non-Cuban cigar is Cuban-esque has been done again and again (and again), this does have a similar flavor profile and characteristics (all the way down to the occasional uneven burn) of a good Cuban cigar. "The flavor profile was actually inspired by a pasta dish I had in New York City," said Gellis. "The flavor profile was so unique to me at the time that I sat at the dining table and said I have to create this in a cigar." (Shoulder shrug) ...Sure, why not? 
Review #1 Cigar Dojo
Review #1 Content
Towards the end, the flavors start to change quite a bit compared to the start. Along with the semi-sweet oak wood, an even sweeter milk chocolate joins in, creating a smoother and much sweeter smoke. Leather and pepper are still there, but toned down, staying quiet in the background of the finish. The retro-hale remains remarkably smooth, with anise, spice, and earthy flavors finishing out the stick. Would I smoke this cigar again? Absolutely. The cigar’s bold start of leather and floral notes really intrigued me. The rich, chewy smoke was very enjoyable, I only wish I could have had a better draw to go with it. The transitions were also nice, keeping me interested all the way down to the nub. Definitely give this one a try.
Review #2 Leaf Enthusiast
Review #2 Content

When lit, La Hacienda gave immediate flavors of cedar and mild pepper spice right up front, with earthy and grassy notes coming up from behind. As the first third progressed, I got more cedar flavor than anything else, but it was a mellow woodiness that wasn’t harsh or biting. The other grassy and earthy elements of the flavor profile helped to balance it out well and the pepper spice receded fairly quickly. As I burned through the second third, I noted that La Hacienda got sweeter along the way, with touches of molasses and dried fruit. The cedar notes diminished slightly and the pepper burn was a low burn at the back of my palate. At the end I got just a pure experience of great aged tobacco with some natural sweetness and a touch of pepper.