Cigar Reveal #108

S&T ID #108
Brand San Lotano
Cigar Dominicano
Wrapper Brazil
Binder Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic, Nicaragua
Retail Price $10.50
Tasting Notes Earth, bitter chocolate, caramel, licorice, walnut, vanilla, espresso
Description There are two names on the second label of this cigar: AJ and Jochy. You probably know the first one already. AJ Fernandez is one of the most prolific farmers of tobacco in Nicaragua, cultivating nearly a thousand acres of tobacco farms in Nicaragua. He also makes over 15 million cigars a year for a variety of brands, some that are his own, including New World, Last Call, Enclave and San Lotano. He also makes cigars for Southern Draw, and many others, and is renowned for his strong, flavorful cigars. Another cigar he makes that may have heard of is Cigar Aficionado's former #1 cigar of the year, the Aging Room Quattro. This cigar is partly owned and formerly produced by... Jochy Blanco. Jochy's Tabacalera Palma in the Dominican Republic creates cigars for La Matilde, Aging Room, and La Galera. His Dominican tobacco is more delicate and balanced, and the combination of their talents is where the magic comes in. Using a mix of Jochy's Dominican and AJ's Nicaragua tobacco in the center with a Brazilian wrapper to cover it all, the result is a cigar with complex, unique flavors that come and go and don't necessarily always hit perfectly. But when it's on it is on and overall a very successful collaboration between two cigar stars.
Review #1 Cigar Aficionado
Review #1 Content
(93 points) The toasty, woody smoke of this box-pressed torpedo blossoms with big notes of caramel, black coffee and cocoa powder before the licorice finish. A rich and satisfying cigar.
Review #2 Cigar Coop
Review #2 Content

Not only was this a cigar produced by two power-players but it is one that is quite unique. In particular, the dank profile (damp earth) is something that stands out. The dank flavor might seem like a negative, but in the case of the San Lotano Dominicano Toro, this is something that I found worked in favor of the blend. This was not the type of cigar that I expected from either Fernandez or Blanco, but these two have a proven track record for being able to come up with unique things time and time again. In the end, this is a cigar I would recommend to a more seasoned cigar enthusiast, but wouldn’t discourage a newbie from trying. As for myself, this is a cigar I would smoke again – and it’s one I would recommend a purchase of.