Cigar Reveal #110

S&T ID #110
Brand Caldwell Cigar Co.
Cigar Long Live The King
Wrapper Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic
Dominican Republic, Peru, Nicaragua
Retail Price $11.00
Tasting Notes Black pepper, cedar, oak, salt, leather, natural tobacco, earth

When Robert Caldwell launched Caldwell Cigar Co., the first two cigars he blended were The King is Dead and Long Live the King. These cigars were created to be smoked back to back, which is why we featured The King is Dead last month and now we have this full bodied, all-flavor-all-the-time smoke. Caldwell said of his new cigars, "I wanted to produce cigars that were multi-dimensional and that tasted different than what was on the market. I don't like cigars that are too much of anything. Too rich, spice, creamy. Too much of anything is bad. I like balanced and well-rounded cigars that are also dynamic with a lot of character." Not subtle, Long Live the King does not relent with intense flavors like black pepper, oak, cedar, and leather. While this could be a bit much in a lesser cigar, crucially all this is balanced by a sweet tobacco flavor that rounds it all into a delicious and balanced smoke. We smoked all the sizes of Long Live the King, including the lancero not so subtly titled 'My Style is Jalapeño', and found this 5.7 x 46 size to be the most consistent, most interesting of the bunch. Though this was among Caldwell's first cigars launched back in 2014, it has stood the test of time and as long as it stays around, we'll be smoking them. Long Live the King, indeed.

Review #1 Cigar Aficionado
Review #1 Content

The pigtail cap of this cigar is wound very tightly to the head. It's a primarily peppery cigar with some salty, leathery notes and some earthiness. Strong and bold.

Review #2 Cigar Coop
Review #2 Content

I will admit, I did not find Long Live the King to be an overly complex cigar.  While I normally like a cigar that has plenty of flavor transitions, Long Live the King did not need to be this type of cigar. I found that the quality of the flavors delivered was what was most important here.  This also was a very different Dominican Corojo from anything I smoked before.  Because this is a stronger and fuller cigar, it is one that I would recommend to an experienced cigar enthusiast.  As for myself, this is an outstanding cigar and one that is easily a box worthy selection.