Cigar Reveal #111

S&T ID #111
Brand Espinosa
Cigar Laranja Escuro
Wrapper Brazil
Binder Nicaragua
Retail Price $12.00
Tasting Notes Earth, black pepper, cinnamon, espresso, cocoa, cedar, nuttiness

Let us start by saying that Erik Espinosa is one of our favorite people in the cigar industry. If you were to call their office in Miami, chances are he'll be the one to answer, and he'll greet you as if he's known you all his life. It also helps that he makes fantastic cigars. If you've been smoking for a while, you will remember when his 601 cigars debuted and added a welcome addition to the strong cigar craze of the time. For years he was known for making powerful, full flavored cigars until he threw everyone a curveball with Laranja, a sweet, citrus-tasting cigar we featured in our blind tasting in 2020. That cigar made Cigar Afcionado's top 25 list in 2015, and after several years of blending he released the Laranja Reserva Escuro in 2019. This was a return to what originally made him a household name in cigars with a full-flavored, bold and powerful profile.

Review #1 Halfwheel
Review #1 Content

Just about every vitola of the original Laranja line has scored extremely well on this site for one main reason: it is a great blend. While I was concerned that the new wrapper would screw up a good thing, my fears proved to be groundless, as the Laranja Reserva Escuro features the same balance and complexity that makes the first line so good, while adding a bit more strength as well as new distinct flavors like the barbecue and mesquite notes that permeated the profile in the first two thirds. Having said that, although it is an excellent cigar just way it is, a little more overt sweetness in the profile of-of the blend would go a long ways towards pushing this release into a much higher category. In the end, this flavor bomb of a blend has something to satisfy the needs of just about everyone who smokes it and should be near the top of your list to try if you get the chance.

Review #2 Leaf Enthusiast
Review #2 Content

Despite the Laranja Escuro not sharing much of the original Laranja blend, it is a very good cigar on its own merits, with a full-bodied complexity that I honestly had not expected. The flavors presented themselves in combinations that were unusual and pleasing to my palate. I can recommend it to anyone who enjoys full-bodied Nicaraguan Maduro blends.