Cigar Reveal #113

S&T ID #113
Brand Dapper Cigar Co.
Cigar Desvalido
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder USA
Filler USA and Nicaragua
Retail Price $13.00
Tasting Notes
Oak, dark chocolate, barnyard, leather, dark fruit, peanuts, earth

Desvalido roughly translates to "those without hope" and if you've heard Dapper founder Ian Reith discuss his adventures in the cigar business, you have heard him talk about the many times he nearly lost hope in his business. Fortunately for Reith, we're yet to smoke a cigar from Dapper that isn't unique, perfectly constructed, and thoughtfully crafted. "Over the last two years we’ve sample tested small batches of this cigar, in a large number of iterations, each time, receiving feedback from trusted palates," said Reith. "Delivering a stronger blend that checked all my criteria and resonated with me personally was a lengthy process. Nicotine level, blend complexity, smoke production, look, and retrohale, everything had to be just right on this one." It certainly doesn't hurt to have counsel from the NACSA factory and Oliva Tobacco Company. The result is a wonderfully balanced medium-bodied smoke that may not be as complex as say, their Cubo Sumatra that we featured a couple months ago, but still provides plenty of interesting flavor. Woody notes and dark chocolate are always a welcome combination as far as we're concerned, and the additional subtle flavors that come and go throughout are just an added bonus.

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I am a sucker for a good story, and the personal attributes built into the history, blend and packaging of the Desvalido certainly qualify in my mind. Beyond those points, the new creation is an easy smoking blend that includes some very distinct flavors, including the creamy oak and dark chocolate combo that dominated the profile and the cherry sweetness on the retrohale. Throw in the almost flawless construction and overall decent balance, and the final product ends up being a very enjoyable cigar that is fairly easy to recommend trying out for yourself.

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