Cigar Reveal #116

S&T ID #116
Brand Espinosa
Cigar Habano
Ecuadoran Habano
Retail Price $10
Tasting Notes He's not exactly a household name, but Erik Espinosa is behind many of the brands you've smoked in the past including La Bomba, 601, Murcielago, and Cubao. A few years ago he launched his own brand and his own factory, called La Zona, a small three story building in downtown Esteli, Nicaragua. The Espinosa Habano was the first cigar to come out of that factory. In 2015 Espinosa re-branded and made slight blending adjustments to the cigar, giving it more complexity and strength. The result is a delicious go-to smoke for morning, post-lunch or after dinner. Espinosa seems to fly under the radar compared to some of the other big name cigar makers, but his wide range of blends, including this beauty at only $10, can go up against just about any other cigar in production today. 
Description Vanilla, leather, light-roast coffee, chai, cocoa, brown sugar, cinnamon, cloves
Review #1 Cigar Dojo
Review #1 Content
(#1 Cigar of 2012) Imagine taking a draw and having your palette coated with a full, rich, deep smoke that might remind you of a chai latte or a warm pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving Day. This cigar is like comfort food, it’s a stick-to-your-ribs steak, potatoes, and desert all rolled up in one. All other cigar manufacturers should take note of the Espinosa Habano because it’s every bit as good as a $20 ultra premium cigar
Review #2 Cigar Aficionado
Review #2 Content

(#11 Cigar of 2019) Ever since the Espinosa Habano line was repackaged and slightly reblended in 2015, the No. 4 size has scored at least 92 points every time it’s been rated. This year was no exception. Slightly longer than a robusto, but a little shorter than a typical toro, the No. 4 is made at La Zona in Nicaragua, along with the rest of the line. It’s the namesake cigar of brand owner Erik Espinosa and owes its complex flavor profile to the blend of hearty Nicaraguan tobacco and a lush Ecuador Habano wrapper, which isn’t too dark nor too light, but the perfect reddish shade of colorado. The smoke is driven by a persistent leathery core framed by a procession of vanilla, baking spices and brown sugar.