Cigar Reveal #119

S&T ID #119
Brand Havana City Cigars

Cerro Maduro


Mexican San Andres



Retail Price
Tasting Notes $11.50 - Espresso, earth, spice, malt, cream, black pepper, molasses

Not at all cigar makers grow up on tobacco farms with a cigar family that goes back generations. We've featured cigars from a former tech guy (Ian Reith of Dapper), a musician (Avo Uvezian of AVO), and even a former NASA engineer (Omar de Frias of Fratello Cigars). And although Reinier Lorenzo of Havana City Cigars did grow up in Cuba, his first love was animals. He earned a degree in veterinary medicine and spent seven years working as a technician for an animal genetics lab... in Wisconsin. That's a long way from the owner of a Cuban-inspired cigar company based in Nicaragua. But in 2009, Reinier was introduced to friends at Tropical Tobacco in Miami, then was invited to visit the Aganorsa factory in Nicaragua, and it was there that he was bit by the cigar bug (different than cigar beetles). After launching HVC, he continued working in Wisconsin but after hours and on weekends drove around the Midwest selling his cigars. Eventually his company grew large enough to go full-time and he moved to Miami. Reinier is known for making full-bodied cigars with lots of bold flavor. The HVC Cerro Maduro is a prime example. “Our goal is to keep the Cuban tradition of hand-made cigars alive and well. I want to create cigars that everybody can smoke," said Reinier. "HVC stands for Havana City, that's where I'm from. So every time I'm in Nicaragua blending a cigar and working with tobacco, my mind is in Cuba, in Havana where I'm from. So that's why you see HVC. Every blend is done with my heart in Havana."

Review #1

Stogie Press

Review #1 Content
Overall, the HVC Cerro Maduro was simply an amazing cigar that smoked beautifully with no issues and delivered notes that I would not put on a San Andres wrapper like savory spice and meat. Certainly the fill has played well into this blend.  Although I enjoyed this in the morning, and it certainly got my day started, I would suggest you smoke this as a mid afternoon smoke or even after dinner... If was to pair this in the evening it would  be a well  aged Islay single malt.
Review #2 Cigar Aficionado
Review #2 Content

Near black in appearance, this dark robusto has a significantly earthy core framed by complex notes of chicory coffee, cloves and licorice.