Cigar Reveal #120

S&T ID #120
Brand AVO
Cigar Syncro Caribe
Dominican Republic
Binder Ecuador
Dominican Republic and Nicaragua
Retail Price $12.99
Tasting Notes Cedar, cream, espresso, dark chocolate, barnyard, peanut butter, maple syrup, lemongrass 

I know he's no longer with us, and he passed away before this cigar was blended (died in 2017), but in the spirit of the brand let's take a moment to reflect on the legend, Avo Uvezian. Avo, of course, began his career in music, where he was the Shah's (the former king of Iran) pianist. He then moved to New York, where he continued to study music at Juilliard. He was then drafted into the Korean War. There his musical talents had him removed from infantry and placed into a band where he played at officer's clubs. Though he is uncredited, Avo helped write the lyrics for Frank Sinatra's 'Strangers in the Night'. And it was when he was Switzerland at his daughter's christening that he paid too much money for a Cuban cigar and decided he would start his own cigar company and his second career began. A jazz pianist, a composer, and a cigar manufacturer---not a bad way to spend a lifetime! Made of course by Davidoff, AVO cigars were rebranded in 2015, which discontinued some lines and made new ones. One of the new editions was the Syncro line of cigars. This is the fourth - and best in our opinion - edition to the Syncro. “The AVO Syncro series is centered around the concept of tobacco synchronization,” said Lana Fraser, director of marketing and retail at Davidoff. “This is an incorporation of the diversity, complexity and compatibility of selected tobaccos from varying regions. With the newest addition of the AVO Syncro Caribe, we strive to deliver new frontiers in cigar experiences.”

Review #1 Halfwheel
Review #1 Content

Creamy, complex and nicely balanced, the AVO Syncro Caribe Toro is an excellent addition to the company’s Syncro series, and one of the best I have smoked so far. Not only do the main flavors change after the halfway point, but the sweetness does as well, morphing from honey sweetness in the first half to a distinct maple syrup sweetness for the second half. There is also just enough white pepper and spice throughout to enhance the flavors, while the just under medium strength integrate well with the profile. Throw in the fantastic construction—only two of my samples needed a touch-up each, and both were extremely minor—and you are left with an extremely enjoyable choice for those looking for a medium strength, full-flavored blend.

Review #2 Simply Stogies
Review #2 Content The AVO Syncro Caribe Toro is one of the best cigars that I've smoked in 2021, hands down. While the cigars that I smoked for this review suffered from burn issues and may have been a bit flakey, the flavor is where it's at. The Caribe is a well-balanced and full-flavored that sits right in my medium to medium-full cigar sweet spot. The AVO Syncro Caribe is a box purchase for me. The Caribe can be enjoyed any time of day and will provide a flavor progression that I absolutely love.