Cigar Reveal #121

S&T ID #121
Brand ACE Prime
Cigar Fiat Lux
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Retail Price $10.50
Tasting Notes Black pepper, almonds, coffee, toast, cedar, oak

By all accounts, Luciano Meirelles, the master blender and co-owner of ACE Prime, is not just one of the good guys in the industry---he's one of the best. Along with being personable and a naturally positive person in a business that often lean toward the negative, he also fights for better pay for cigar factory workers in Nicaragua. With that, it's fitting that Fiat Lux comes from the Latin expression "Let there be light." This is the newest cigar to come out of ACE Prime, and it's design was very close to his heart. Of the Fiat Lux, Meirelles said, "Making this cigar was deeply personal. When imagining and developing Fiat Lux, the process was intimate, reflecting a desire to create a cigar that would be invitational towards introspection, towards exploring how the flavors of a complex blend can reflect the singularity of the human experience. Like it did for me, I hope this cigar gives everyone the opportunity to just let some light in.”

Review #1 Halfwheel
Review #1 Content

As I mentioned in the final notes, there are points in the first third when the Fiat Lux by Luciano is really dialed in, and when it is the results are spectacular. It's so good that I could recommend this cigar based on that section alone and feel confident that you'd feel like you'd gotten your money's worth. There are some issues after that first third, with each cigar getting a bit more robust and gruff than I would like, and one taking a real turn that didn't sit well on my palate. The final third does an admirable job bringing things back to the high marks as it gets the cigar to its conclusion, and I can only say that the one sample with the issues was the only one I wasn't completely satisfied by. The profile checks the complexity and balance boxes, while never lacking in flavor or palate stimulation, and that's before taking into account the consistently solid retrohales. Construction was also very good—early relights notwithstanding—and presented no issues that I thought were significant detractors. Consider me very impressed by this cigar, as at the moment it easily ranks at the top of the ACE Prime portfolio and earning a wholehearted recommendation to try as soon as you can.

Review #2 Blind Man's Puff
Review #2 Content
This cigar is all about the delicate transitions! There were quite a few of them in this small cigar. If you are looking for a kick in the teeth, this cigar is not for you. But, if you like light, delicate, and sweet flavor notes this is for you. Would pair perfectly with your morning coffee or any rum-based cocktail. I'm sure a few of these cigars will find it into my personal humidor and hopefully yours too. Enjoy!