Cigar Reveal #122

S&T ID #122
Brand Black Label
Cigar Last Rites
Ecuadorian Habano Maduro
Honduras and Nicaragua
Retail Price $12.00
Tasting Notes Milk chocolate, dark cocoa, espresso, earth, nuts, graham cracker, dried citrus fruit, black tea

Our attitude re-thinks standards for cigar making, and caters to cigar lovers and aficionados tired of a mainstream, mass produced approach to cigar making. At Black Label Trading Company, we have created a market for those with the attitude that they deserve the best, and the confidence that they deserve to experience the Black Label Experience." This is the first time we have featured Black Label Trading Company in our blind tastings. BLTC was launched in 2013 by James and Angela Brown, entrepreneurs that have owned businesses in Mexico, West Africa, Guatemala and Nicaragua. They worked in the wine industry, but it wasn't until they were in Guatemala with their own adventure-travel company that cigars became a part of their life. James, who had smoked cigars as a hobby, began to blend cigars for his travel clients to enjoy on their vacation. There soon became a demand for his cigars and with that they launched their own brand. “I wanted the brand to be edgy and a bit dark, but in an elegant way,” said James. “It was important for each cigar to have its own personality and feel. I let the cigars tell a story, and the branding grows out of that. I do all of the artwork for our brands, so each one is a personal expression for me.” They launched with an impressive and ambitious six core lines, including Last Rites, as well as several limited edition lines that quickly sell out to their cult-following.

Review #1 Cigar Coop
Review #1 Content

The Last Rites was a cigar that grew on me with each subsequent smoke I had. There were three cigars I smoked for this assessment – and each time I smoked it, I enjoyed the cigar more. This was a cigar that tasted as it looked – namely it looked chocolatey and provided some chocolate notes along with a real tobacco experience. This is not an overpowering maduro, but this allows the flavors to shine. I found this a real nice small batch cigar and a nice find. This is a cigar I would recommend to either a novice or experienced cigar enthusiast. As for myself, this is a cigar I look forward to smoking again – and it is one certainly worthy of a five pack in my humidor.

Review #2 Cigar Aficionado
Review #2 Content

The smoke from this dark, skinny cigar layers the palate with rich notes of chocolate and earth before the nutty finish. Some pleasing licorice impressions also emerge.