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Lunatic Torch Visionaries

Retail Price $10.00
Tasting Notes Charred wood, pepper, caramel, coffee, toasted bread and lots of earth

In 2018 Casa Fernandez Cigars underwent a complete overhaul of their cigars and even changed their name to Aganorsa Leaf. Aganorsa now makes dozens of brands both under their name and for other cigar brands, as well as owning one of the two largest growers of premium tobacco in Nicaragua. They have been slowly revamping each of their brands. In 2015, Casa Fernandez launched the JFR Lunatic Torch that had an ugly band and after reviewing it last year decided it needed a new face and deserved more attention. "Lunatic Torch is an incredible blend that offers the opportunity to see how our Corojo 99 wrapper impacts our signature flavor and aroma," said Aganorsa's senior vice president of sales. "The brand wasn’t receiving the attention it deserves. It will now." The "torch" at the top of the cigar allows for smokers to get a feel for the binder and filler without the wrapper for the first inch or so. While to us this is a bit gimmicky (no real revelation emerges from the transition to wrapper), the cigar itself is a delicious addition to the revived Aganorsa portfolio.

Review #1 Cigar Coop
Review #1 Content

I had smoked the original JFR Lunatic Torch Churchill when it first came out – and I found it to be a fine cigar. With the Torch in the Toro-sized Visionaries vitola, I found this to be even a better cigar. It has some of the same core flavors of the original, but the flavors seem better balanced and also seem to complement each other quite well. It’s not an overly complex cigar, but the Torch Visionaries does its job and does it well. With a 90 point score, the JFR Lunatic Torch Visionaries reaches our standard of excellence. It’s a cigar I would probably steer to a more seasoned cigar enthusiast because it does have some kick in terms of strength and body. As for myself, this is a cigar I would smoke again – and pick up multiples for the humidor.

Review #2 Halfwheel
Review #2 Content

The JFR Lunatic Leaf Torch is certainly not going to make a personal list of favorite cigars of 2020. Annoyances with the mess aside, the flavor profile just doesn’t make much sense. It’s a bizarre combination of detailed flavors paired with an intense amount of acidity and sharpness. This is definitely a cigar I’m going to redux in pretty short order as I’m curious to see if things calm down a bit—particularly the acidity—with six months or so of rest. It’s not a bad cigar, but at the moment, it’s definitely not for me.