Cigar Reveal #128

S&T ID #128
Brand Stolen Throne
Cigar Crook of the Crown
Wrapper Mexico
Binder Indonesia
Filler Nicaragua
Retail Price $11.50
Tasting Notes Espresso, brick, earth, lots of black pepper, dark chocolate, cinnamon, and leather
Description Wouldn't this get boring if we just constantly featured Padrons, Fuentes, Olivas, or just a thousand different versions of the same cigar coming from AJ Fernandez? This is one you may not have heard of yet. We actually had a member pause his membership because he was frustrated that a cigar he enjoyed from our blind tasting couldn't be found at his local humidor. Our response... Ask your cigar store owner to carry it! Or, let us know. Though we can't always offer more of the cigars we feature (working on it!), we will do our very best to provide our members with more of the cigars they enjoy. Alright back to your cigar: the Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown. We were actually put onto Stolen Throne by our friends at Boveda, who suggested we seek them out (Unless you live in Virginia where they're based, it's unlikely you'll find them at your local shop). With FDA regulations tightening their grip on the industry, it's not often that you find a brand new cigar company these days, but Stolen Throne was launched in 2019 by Lee Marsh and JR Cannon from Virginia Beach. "Finally JR came to me and said, 'Hey we're not getting any younger let's do this,' and the next week we were on a plane headed to Nicaragua," said Lee. According to Lee, coming up with the name was the most difficult part, and it took a slight from another person in the industry for the inspiration. "I was having dinner with a guy from another cigar company and he was skeptical about me starting a new brand. He told me there wasn't a seat at the table for me, and I told him then I'm going to steal a seat." Stolen Throne was born. Crook of the Crown was their debut line (they now have a second line called Three Kingdoms). It's made in Nicaragua at the Flor de San Luis factory by Noel Rojas. According to Lee, Stolen Throne is dedicated to providing unique flavor profiles through rare premium tobaccos. Their sole purpose is to cultivate a memorable smoking experience and epitomize the boutique lifestyle. They have a long way to go, but based on this full-bodied flavor bomb, they're off to a great start.
Review #1 Kohnhed
Review #1 Content

(Rating: 100) Every puff of the Stolen Throne Crook of the Crown is twice as complex as the puff before it ... I cannot understate how complex the cigar becomes with each passing minute. As I said earlier, I am blown away. I could smoke these all day long and 5 times on Sunday.The intensity makes huge demands for your attention, it is imperative you smoke your first stick on your own with no distractions.

Review #2 Stogie Press
Review #2 Content

Overall, the Stolen Throne – Crook of the Crown was a delicious cigar with an palate pleasing array of notes wrapped around a core of sweet dark chocolate and pepper. The smoke was thick and creamy through the journey. From a construction perspective, there was a slight wave that continued through most of the burn and the barrel burned a tad hot in the second half. This is certainly one I would suggest buying a 5-pack off to add to your rotation. We rate this a 92.