Cigar Reveal #130

S&T ID #130
Brand Kristoff
Cigar Pistoff Kristoff
Wrapper Mexico
Binder Indonesia
Filler Nicaragua
Retail Price $12.50
Tasting Notes

Bittersweet cocoa, herbs, earth, wood, toffee,  red wine, lots of leather!


I suppose it's too late to let you know now, but Kristoff founder Glen Case warns, "Don't let the smoothness of the cigar fool you, this one packs a punch." It sure does, Glen. Hope you didn't smoke on an empty stomach. Case, a banker before entering the cigar industry, started Kristoff (named after his son) in 2004 and in just a few years became perhaps the fastest growing boutique brand in the world. While as of late they may have slowed down a bit in popularity, their production of new cigars has not. There are dozens of Kristoff brands, with several seemingly being released each year. But out of all of them, this one just may be the strongest. Known for making pigtailed cigars with uncut feet, here Kristoff has blended a smoke that is not the most complex, but has a wonderful leather flavor throughout accompanied by lesser notes of cocoa, toffee and red wine.

Review #1 Leaf Enthusiast
Review #1 Content

Consistently throughout the 50 minutes of smoking, the cigar just kept getting stronger and stronger with heavier leather and the inclusion of a slight cocoa to the profile to finish things out. By the end, it was a very potent full bodied cigar that held long onto the palette after smoking... The cigar chosen for review, as well as the extra bought, both smoked without a single problem. All in all, it was a memorable cigar and one that will be sticking in my mind as this is the first Kristoff I felt that really made a full bodied splash (at least in recent memory). Well done.

Review #2 Halfwheel
Review #2 Content
(Corona size) Case largely delivered on his promise of the cigar having flavor and smoothness, at least about as much is possible when going for a strong cigar. The flavors complement the strength, leaning largely on robust earth, pepper and woods, but they stay fairly consistent throughout the cigar. As for the smoothness, I'm happy to report that it's there more than it isn't, though if you prefer a bit more gruffness and peppery tingle from your cigar, you likely won't be disappointed. While I wouldn't smoke this first thing in the morning, I could easily see wrapping up a week with this and a pour of my favorite whisk(e)y, Scotch or bourbon to put a strong and definitive finish to things.