Cigar Reveal #138

S&T ID #138
Brand Foundation Cigar Co.
The Tabernacle David
Connecticut Broadleaf
Honduras and Nicaragua
Retail Price $12.00
Tasting Notes
floral, caramel, white and black pepper, earthiness, dark berry

Near the end of 2020, Nick Melillo of Foundation Cigar Co released two new sizes of his acclaimed Tabernacle line of cigars: the David and the Goliath. “Anyone who has smoked Connecticut cigar brands of old knows the Perfecto is a classic size,” said Melillo. “Back in the day it was the vitola of choice for connoisseur. When it came time to create a line extension to the Tabernacle, the blend in these two sizes could not be ignored. The Tabernacle debuted in 2016 and was the second offering from Foundation. Melillo hails from Connecticut and very often utilizes the Connecticut Broadleaf for the wrapper on his cigars. He can certainly take some of the credit for the popularity of Broadleaf that exists today.

Review #1 Stogie Press
Review #1 Content
Overall, the Foundation Cigars “The Tabernacle David” was a very pleasurable, slightly complex and balanced smoking journey, which is what I have come to expect from Nick and his Foundation Cigars team. The journey started with floral and caramel notes and continued to evolve in flavor and aroma from foot to nub. The ash held for a good half or more of the cigar and the burn was pristine. Definitely worth grabbing a five pack of. I rate this a 97.
Review #2 Halfwheel
Review #2 Content

If someone were to ask me my thoughts about The Tabernacle David, I would respond with it depends. One cigar was very good with rich, vibrant flavors, while the other two offered moments that were enjoyable but not a completely flaw-free experience. The earthiness is enjoyable, and while it can offer some brilliant sweetness, it can also get rough on the palate. Similarly, while the supporting flavors had moments, they seemed hesitant to develop enough to fill in or cover those rougher spots. Much like Charlie Minato noted in his review of the corona vitola, The Tabernacle blend seems to show variance among its vitolas, with some clearly performing better than others. For me, the David leaves just enough lacking that I don't think it would be my go-to size, though I remain open to the idea that it might be more appealing to other palates. For my preferences, I still think the thicker ring gauges are the way to go in this blend.