Cigar Reveal #73

Don Pepin Garcia - Serie JJ

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Brand Don Pepin Garcia
Cigar Serie JJ
Wrapper Nicaraguan
Binder Nicaraguan
Filler Nicaraguan
Description If you're talking legendary names in cigars, you say Fuente, Padron, Robaina, Zino, and a select few others. But the list is not complete without 'Pepin'. The My Father brand debuted a dozen years ago, a tribute from a son to a father, and raised the bar for strong, flavorful Nicaraguan cigars. But before My Father, there was the Don Pepin Serie JJ. 'JJ' stands for Jose (the father, Jose 'Pepin' Garcia) and Jaime (the son), and starts off immediately with Pepin's signature spice. But it doesn't take long to mellow out into a delicious smoke full of cedar and espresso flavor. Sometimes it seems like with the unprecedented success of the My Father line, the original Garcia cigars fly a bit under the radar. And while perhaps not as complex as some of his other brands, this is a rich, delicious cigar that is quite reminiscent of a Cuban cigar (*that is, an actual good Cuban cigar). This was considered a classic smoke even before Tatuaje (the brand that really took his popularity to the next level) and My Father, and it's impressive that so many years later, the JJ's still got it.
Review: Stogie Guys ...That hot start quickly changes to an interesting sharpness that, surprisingly, almost has no finish. From there, as the cigar burned, tastes came and went, ranging from wood and leather to vanilla and coffee. I was doing some work while smoking, and at several points I got so wrapped up in the cigar that I lost track of what I was doing. The Corojo wrapper is smooth with tiny, unobtrusive veins. The Nicaraguan puro’s prelight aroma is a wonderful earthy, thick mix. The cigar clipped and toasted easily. The only negatives I found were a few spots where the draw was a little tight and the smoke not as voluminous as I’d have liked. The ash was also flaky and, near the end, I experienced a wrapper split. Overall, though, the JJ was a joy to smoke. I think anyone who enjoys medium- to full-flavored cigars will enjoy the JJ. On the Stogie Guys scale, it earns a rating of four out of five stogies.
Review: Cigar Aficionado (Robusto size) A dun-colored robusto packed solid with tobacco that draws and burns evenly. It starts out bold with heady notes of strong black coffee that become spicy with ground black pepper.