Cigar Reveal #82

Kafie 1901 - San Andres

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Brand Kafie 1901
Cigar San Andres
Wrapper Mexican San Andres
Binder Honduras
Filler Dominican Republic, Nicaragua, Brazil
Description It's not often that you see a successful cigar brand owner that also has 'MD' after his name, but Dr. Gaby Kafie is not ordinary cigar man. Kafie's parents immigrated to Los Angeles from Honduras when he was five years old. He fulfilled the American dream by becoming a Sports Medicine Physician in Miami, but the dream was cut short by a rare ocular disease called Central Serous Chorioretinopathy that ended his career as a physician. Kafie had always been a proud Honduran, with plenty of family still living there, as well as a lifelong cigar smoker. He decided to take the same passion and discipline that made him a doctor and apply it to cigar-making. Today there are as few as 12 cigar factories in Honduras--compared to the hundreds of factories that now exist in Nicaragua to the South. Kafie started his own factory that produces dozens of brands including his own Kafie 1901 cigars and his most highly regarded cigar, the Kafie 1901 San Andres. "I am passionate about Honduras, the tobacco, and our people," said Kafie. "We have put together a great team without limitations.  I am extra cautious nowadays with everything I do, I want to make sure that every step I take is a solid one.  Always doing what is right for the industry, and always doing what is right for connoisseurs."
Review: Cigar Obsession First light reveals a good draw with mild-medium flavors of a dry, non-sweet grassy and light earth with a smooth long finish of the same.  The first third brings a slightly sweet airy nuttiness with a cinnamon for texture through the long finish.  25 minutes at the 1/2 way point, flavors are the same, burn is on the fast side but nice and even.  Ending at 1:05 minutes the last third totally shifts to a heavy, metallic earth shifting to a cherry cordial, with a chocolate mixing in to the finish.  Body comes up to medium-full and the burn slows.
Review: The spiciness that showed up midway through the cigar persisted through until the end. The cigar had a perfect burn, but the draw never seemed to loosen up. Overall, the construction of the cigar was pretty good. There were no soft spots or anything that caused an uneven burn. The flavors were spicy and full. Overall, the Kafie 1901 San Andres Five Forty-Six is a decent cigar that packs a flavor punch. Despite the Dominican and Honduran tobacco, the flavors are pretty full. The Kafie 1901 San Andres earns a CigarScore 4 and should provide just over an hour's worth of enjoyment.