Cigar Reveal #90

Crowned Heads - Mil Dias

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Brand Crowned Heads
Cigar Mil Dias
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Peru
Description We’re not going to overstate our feelings. Afterall, we do have restraint, lest we not show it. We’re not lunatics. So we’re going make some crazy statement like this is as close to a perfect cigar as it gets. No, we won’t do that. So instead, we’ll say this: Mil Dias by Crowned Heads is the perfect cigar for its time. In the last 10+ years there seemed to be a race for who could make (and smoke) the spiciest, most peppery, most nicotine-laden cigars. Now this wasn’t all bad, as many good, strong cigars came out of this craze (Drew Estate Ligas, Illusiones, many cigars from Pepin Garcia, etc). But it seems at some point we reached our max and said enough already. We’ve collectively began looking for cigars with… balance. The problem is, we all still have a taste for the bold, complex, deep flavors that those strong cigars had. And this is where Mil Dias steps in. Layers on layers of unique flavors, equal in richness to those powerhouse smokes, and yet, the perfect balance of potent and gentle flavors blended to form a beautiful smoke. Cedar up front, black pepper, maple sweetness, honey, caramel, graham cracker. And on and on.  Truly a cigar for its time. Now, according to Crowned Heads founder, Jon Huber, this did not come easy. He worked with master blenders Don Eradio Pichardo and Luciano Meirelles (who’s Tabacalero Pichardo just so happen to also create the Atsiniki Tashka, our 2020 Blind Tasted Cigar of the Year) to create Mil Dias. Of their work, Huber said, “l was very impressed with those initial samples and I felt the blend had tremendous potential. Little did I know that those samples would take us on a nearly three-year journey of blend exploration and experimentation.” Hence the name, Mil Dias - One thousand days - which Huber estimates is the length of time it took to perfect this blend. Needless to say, time well spent. 
Review: Halfwheel They say good things come to those who wait and that patience is a virtue, both of those sayings seem to be perfectly applicable to the Mil Días blend. The cigar has almost everything I could ask for, with a complex and nuanced flavor profile, a bit of strength, fantastic construction, and a finished cigar that is truly greater than the sum of its parts. While it does have some puffs where there's a bit more roughness than I would like, they are generally low on the irritation schedule and fleeting in their time on the palate. An incredibly impressive cigar that should easily deliver a very rewarding experience for anyone who gives it the opportunity to shine.
Review: Stogie Press Overall, the Crowned Heads Mil Dias was a terrific smoking experience. As a mild to medium strength cigar, the Mil Dias enticed the palate from foot to nub, starting with a sweetness and honey, moving into chocolate and caramel and finishing with a mild spice. The burn was spot on and carried a decent ash between each fall. This is most certainly worth a box buy and I rate this a 95.