Cigar Reveal #91

Dapper Cigars - El Borracho

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Brand Dapper Cigars
Cigar El Borracho
Wrapper Mexican San Andrés
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description This is the second cigar we’ve featured from Ian Reith’s Dapper Cigar brand (the first was La Madrina). In our last review I said Dapper was one up-and-coming cigar brand that I would buy stock in if I could, and since then they’ve done little to change my opinion. When Reith started Dapper, he said he wanted to avoid the gimmicks that had become too prevalent in the industry. At the time, a little under ten years ago, there did seem to be sort of desperation to create the new thing, but with little actual creativity happening (I distinctly remember rolling my eyes at a new ‘Heisenberg Project’ cigar around that time). Reith said that instead, he wanted to focus on making brands and cigars that were simultaneously nostalgic and fresh. As you can see by the cigar label in the photo and the box, he clearly succeeded with the branding. However ‘El Borracho’ (translating to ‘The Drunk’) is far from representing old-school Cuban flavor. This is a bold cigar with a lot going on and little subtlety. One of the most interesting things I found about this cigar was the vast number of flavors given is most reviews of El Borracho. Just a quick list of cigar notes from a few reviewers: cinnamon, graham crackers, lemon zest, milk chocolate, bittersweet dark cocoa, pineapple, powdered cocoa, apples, creaminess, dry earth, graham cracker, grapefruit, earthiness, rye whiskey, red pepper, dry leather, IPA bitterness, and, honestly, I could go on. What does this mean for the actual cigar? I’m not really sure, though on the surface it’s certainly a good indicator of complexity. For me, I certainly agreed with the dark, bitter chocolate and rye whiskey flavor throughout, with a lot of black pepper in the nose. It packs a lot of punch. As a personal preference, I don’t often find a cigar that pairs well with red wine, but this is an exception as Syrah, Bordeaux, and Cab Francs will stand up against the complexity of this smoke. In the end, El Borracho is a really interesting cigar and a great addition to the Dapper lineup. 
Review: Halfwheel The El Borracho is a good cigar that delivered a full spectrum of flavors, but it needs some time in my opinion. At the moment, the cigar finishes, both the finish as in part of the flavor and the final third, a bit too harsh for my liking. The three samples I smoked were quite different: one was great, one had construction issues and one was somewhere in between. None were bad, but all could be improved in my opinion.
Review: Cigar Coop One thing that really stood out to me is that the El Borracho Toro did a nice job at showcasing the Nicaraguan tobaccos instead of having the wrapper dominate. There were times the black pepper on the retro-hale was sharp and it reminded me that Mexican tobacco can exhibit that quality. At the same time, the notes of chocolate, earth, mineral, and citrus balanced each other nicely and added touches of sweetness and subtle bitterness to round out the flavor profile. In the end, I would describe this as a classic, but bold smoking experience. It’s a cigar I would steer to a more seasoned enthusiast. At $12+, it is a cigar that is pricier, but it does deliver a very nice smoking experience. This is one I would smoke again and buy a few to keep in my humidor.