Cigar Reveal #93

Southern Draw - Jacob's Ladder 'Brimstone'

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Brand Southern Draw
Cigar Jacob's Ladder 'Brimstone'
Wrapper U.S.A. (Pennsylvania Broadleaf)
Binder U.S.A.
Filler Dominican Republic & Nicaragua
Description Most of the time it's not safe to assume the contents of the cigar based on the wrapper color. However in this case, assume away, because you'll be correct. The Souther Draw Jacob's Ladder Brimstone is every bit as strong as it is dark. And while this limited edition beauty won't be in everyone's cigar wheelhouse, for those that like flavor, strength and complexity in their cigars, this is a ten out of ten. Let me pause here to say a bit about the company that owns this fine smoke. Southern Draw is U.S. veteran owned by Robert and Sharon Holt, and in the cigar industry (or any industry) you won't find nicer people. Sharon was one of the first people to ask about my newborn baby (and request photos) and when the recent snowstorm in the Southeast threatened to delay our shipment, she was texting every day to make sure the cigars arrived safely. Their website says, "(We) stress the importance of loving ALL people.  Our little brand is all about the people, and we have been blessed with an incredible opportunity to share our faith, our family and our own brand of fellowship, one cigar and conversation at a time." I can say from experience that they back up that claim with their actions. Good on 'em. Back to the cigar. Southern Draw cigars are made by AJ Fernandez, whose factory produces some of the highest rated cigars on the planet, and a big reason Southern Draw has become one of fastest growing companies in the last decade. The Brimstone is a limited edition blend of the original Jacob's Ladder, using three different types of ligero leaf (the regular Jacob's Ladder uses two) along with a broadleaf wrapper and binder. With all of the thick leaves packed into this cigar you would think it would have burn issues, but it burns nearly perfect and allows you focus on the flavor which dances from dark chocolate and earth to white pepper and eventually mellows out into a surprising creamy vanilla finish. This is our first blind smoke of Southern Draw, but after this performance I doubt it will be the last. 
Review: Halfwheel I expected power, and power I got, particularly by the end of the Jacobs Ladder Brimstone. What I didn’t expect, especially after spending an hour and a half with the cigar was a succulent creaminess to close out the cigar. The first two thirds provided a lot of the flavors I’d expect from this blend out of an A.J. Fernández factory and the strength was there, most notably during the last two inches of the cigar, but it ended up providing a much more complex cigar than I initially expected. Southern Draw introduced a lot of new cigars at once—to the point where I’m even a little confused—but if you needed to pick a starting point, Brimstone is a great option. 
Review: Stogie Press Overall, if you are looking for a power bomb of a cigar then this is right in your wheelhouse. Unlike the original Jacobs Ladder that offered a smooth and growing strength, the Brimstone gets to you right out of the gate with almost instant full strength and does not let up down to the nub. There were some pleasant flavors to be had too, including a well balanced mix of sweetness, orange rind, and espresso. It did exhibit a slight wave to the burn yet never needed a touch up. If you like strength and complex flavor in your cigars, this is worth picking up a box and let some age. I rate this a 92.