Cigar Reveal #97

Tatuaje - Reserva K222

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Brand Tatuaje
Cigar Reserva K222
Wrapper Connecticut Broadleaf
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description This month we wanted to compare a more budget-friendly cigar against a higher end, more esteemed, more expensive cigar. How much does the cost of a cigar actually factor into how much we enjoy it? Do we tend to appreciate a cigar more when we pay more for it? Do we just assume it’s better before we’ve even smoked it? “Let’s find out!” we said. Well, here’s the problem… You know that pricey $15 cigar we were comparing? It just happens to be the Tatuaje K222, one of the finest, tastiest, most wonderful cigars money can buy. So much for that experiment. The K222 a combination of two other Pete Johnson blends, the Cojonu 2003 and J21, and is a limited release in only one size. This quintessential after-dinner smoke features dark chocolate, leather, nuts, and earth predominantly with black pepper and espresso notes coming and going throughout. There’s a little spice, but certainly not an overwhelming amount, just enough to keep it interesting. To us it is what bold, rich Nicaraguan cigars aspire to be but rarely get there. And it’s maybe even the best Tatuaje in their vast, highly acclaimed portfolio. But hey that’s just our standard. As you’ll see from the review below, some disagree! What do you think... Worth every penny? (if you were to actually pay full price for it!)
Review: Cigar Coop Based on the pre-light draw, and the early stages, I didn’t find the K222 to my liking. However, as the smoking experience progressed and some of the cocoa notes became more prominent, I did find myself enjoying this cigar. Given this is a cigar that is on the bolder side in terms of strength and body, it’s a cigar I would suggest to a more seasoned cigar enthusiast who enjoys a cigar with that profile. Given this is a cigar that is made in Miami, it carries a higher price point. While this cigar did come around for me, there are other Tatuaje Reserva cigars with a more competitive price point that I would reach for first. It’s certainly a cigar that comes with a buy recommendation, but I’d recommend starting with one cigar.
Review: Halfwheel I’m a fan of Tatuaje cigars and I won’t try to deny it, and of all the releases the ones wrapped in Connecticut broadleaf are usually coming out on top. The Tatuaje Reserva K222 Broadleaf leaves me a little confused though. One sample was quite close to what I’ve come to expect from a broadleaf wrapped Tatuaje, but the other two were not really close at all, leaving me a bit disappointed. Having smoked most of the collection now there are sizes that I liked better and sizes that weren’t as good as the K222, leaving it somewhere in the middle. If you do have the opportunity to purchase some singles from this collection, I certainly would suggest trying one for yourself, but the inconsistency makes me hesitant to be able to recommend more than that.