Cigar Reveal #99

S&T ID #99
Brand Southern Draw
Cigar Cedrus Hogan
Wrapper Sumatra




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Tasting Notes

Earth, Cedar, Tree bark, nutmeg, cloves, Peppercorn, Floral varieties

Description The first time we smoked the Cedrus from Southern Draw, I was reminded of my friends in the premium coffee industry. No this isn't a very coffee-ey tasting cigar, but I recall a particular coffee I had with a master roaster. He told me he really loved these beans for their uniqueness, but it wouldn't be a coffee he would drink regularly. "It's a really different, really unique flavor," he said. "One that you can enjoy occasionally but it wouldn't be your every morning coffee. Almost like a really delicious, but strange Gose beer"... Or, like this cigar. We felt justified afterwards when Robert Holt, the co-owner of Southern Draw (along with his wife, Sharon) described Cedrus as their most distinguished tasting cigar. And it's why we were really looking forward to including this in our blind tasting. It's uniqueness has a lot to do with the really interesting floral and spice flavors that come and go, like you're walking through a forest licking all the vegetation you come across. Okay, like that except much more enjoyable. This is the second Southern Draw cigar we have featured in our blind tasting, the first being the very popular Jacob's Ladder Brimstone, and at this point we see no reason why it should be the last.
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Review #1 Content

I was intrigued to hear Robert Holt refer to the Cedrus as Southern Draw's "most distinguished tasting cigar," and in all honesty was fairly dubious about such a claim. However, I will put my hand up proudly and say that I was wrong and this cigar is quite good and much more refined than what I have experienced from Southern Draw in the past. While I can't say I picked up all of the spice and herbal notes that were specifically mentioned, there is certainly depth and complexity in this cigar, with the second third consistently being far ahead of the first and final thirds, which showed the most variance among the three samples I smoked. It's not a gut punch, something I consider to be a critical component of being a refined smoke, yet it never lacks in palate stimulation and never takes a puff off. Capped off by a nearly impeccable draw, each one of these was a pleasure to smoke and one I'd highly recommend giving a try if you're looking for something to dive headfirst into and savor for nearly two hours of very enjoyable smoking.

Review #2

Cigar Dojo 

Review #2 Content

Would I smoke this again? Without a doubt. Cedrus is a great representation of the tree family because it starts with a nice earthy flavor, moving into pure cedar, and eventually throws in some dark and juicy fruit. This may come as a shock to some of you (sarcasm), but fruit comes from trees (well, not redwoods or cedars or Lebanese cedars, but you have to let me have this one). This cigar is unique within the SD portfolio, showing some wonderful flavors and complexity to it. I think the Cedrus, with some age, could be a real show-stopper; not to mention that I just really like the box, so a 10-count purchase is an easy call.