August Cigar Reveal

My Father - La Gran Oferta

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Brand My Father
Cigar La Gran Oferta
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description It's hard to believe that the original My Father line debuted a dozen years ago now. Pepin Garcia's company quickly became one of the most popular and ubiquitous brands in America, and La Gran Oferta is their latest addition to the My Father portfolio. Just about every one of the My Father lines have their own identity, whether it's the powerhouse Le Bijou, the pleasant, medium-bodied My Father Connecticut, or the thick, dark chocolate smoke of The Judge. But, in both tobaccos and flavor-profile, the Gran Oferta is a callback to the original My Father from 2008. Both use Nicaraguan filler and binder tobacco from My Father's own farms, along with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper. Though the body itself is more medium-bodied, after the initial black pepper subdued, the tasting notes reminded us of thick, long-lasting flavors like molasses, leather, high-proof bourbon, and rich wood. Overall, this is one of the least 'in-your-face' offerings from My Father, but still the subdued, yet rich tasting notes make it a welcome addition to the My Father line.
Review: Leaf Enthusiast
As I got into the second third, the chocolate note went toward more of a dark chocolate with a high cacao content, which mixed very well with the pepper. I also started picking up on some baking spice. Earth and coffee notes were in the background. In the last third, the earth and coffee notes came to the fore, swapping places with the chocolate flavor which faded to the background. Pepper stayed fairly consistent on the palate and nose. 
Review: Cigar Dojo
As far as comparisons go, My Father La Gran Oferta is more subdued than its 2008 predecessor, offering an overall medium body (sometimes jumping up to medium-plus) and long-lasting flavors that manage to capture your attention long after the cigar has finished. Molasses, bourbon-soaked hardwoods, leather, black pepper, and rich espresso can all be found—each note complementing the next virtually seamlessly.

Principle Cigars - Aviator

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Brand Principle Cigars
Cigar Aviator
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Dominican Republic
Filler Dominican Republic/Nicaragua/USA
Description One of our goals for this year was to dig a little deeper into the well of lesser-known companies making great cigars. This is one of those brands. Along with good cigars, Principle owner Darren Cioffi has one of the most unique cigar backgrounds you'll ever hear. Cioffi grew up on Long Island, and early on developed an interest in buying, collecting and dealing antique clocks and books.  He started his own antique store as a teenager, and would spend weekends in New York City selling at the famous Annex antique market. That passion soon transferred to historical paper and documents; and before long he found his first obsession: vintage cigar label art. Darren sought out tobacco print work dating back to the 1870s, and a decade later partnered with Hendrik Kelner, Jr., son of famous Davidoff production head, Henke Kelner. Together they make the entire line of Principle cigars at the Kelner Boutique Factory located in the Dominican Republic. If you're familiar with Davidoff cigars, you'll likely notice some similarities in the Aviator. Along with some white pepper, this smoke starts off with barnyard notes of sweet hay and grass, flavors commonly found in Davidoff blends. It picks up some wood and cocoa flavor and the pepper comes and goes throughout. The Principle Aviator is a great early evening smoke that may be slightly lacking in complexity, but more than makes up for it in aroma, great construction, and a perfect balance of flavors. 
Review: Cigar Press
After thoroughly toasting the foot with a torch the cigar offered a dense textured, full flavored profile. It had a good amount of spices that lingered in the taste. A black pepper flavor and white peppery spiciness was noticed in the nose. The spices were smooth and not overwhelming. There was a sweet edge in the aroma with a very mild floral note. Overall the aroma had a rich, luring, very pleasant quality. The cigar was full overall but very balanced. This would be a great cigar to age for a while. Not overly complex, it was easy to appreciate the rich full qualities this cigar had to offer.
Review: Cigars Lover Magazine
The first third reveals aromas of seasoned wood, cocoa and spices (white pepper stands out), which culminate into hot spices in the aftertaste. Strength is slightly above medium. In the second third we continue on with spices, mainly white pepper, which are followed by toasted notes of coffee and earth. Strength increases slightly, just enough, however, to reach a medium-full level. The final third turns to intense earthy notes. The spices are now less pronounced, but remain present in the aftertaste. Strength remains constant and the finish is very balanced and controlled. Overall, the Principle Cigars The Aviator Envoy releases a smoke of good flavor intensity. The evolution is rather linear and the profile is not the broadest. However, it boasts an excellent balance, from the first to the last puff.