Cigar Reveal #149

AJ Fernandez Cigar Co.
Bellas Artes

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Bellas Artes

  • Nicaragua +
    Honduras +

  • Rojita (proprietary hybrid)

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Reviews + Notes

Cigar Dojo

AJ Fernandez continues with a similar look from recent releases over the past two years with the new Bellas Artes. What you won't be familiar with, however, is the new and unique tobaccos used. A diverse, multinational blend is brought to life by a proprietary "Rojita" wrapper leaf, made from a hybrid of three tobacco varieties. With so many new brands constantly flooding today's market, a consumer can begin to feel as though we've seen all the combinations—similar blends being recycled in one form or another. That's what's so refreshing about Bellas Artes, its new hybrid leaf feels (tastes) like much more than a gimmick—highlighting the best attributes from the complex blend beneath. This all amounts to a shockingly full flavor experience from first puff. It doesn't rely on overused decoys such as ultra sweet or ultra peppery flavors, instead offering a more balanced approach that hits the palate on all fronts.