Cigar Reveal #85

Joya de Nicaragua - Antaño Connecticut

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Brand Joya de Nicaragua
Cigar Antaño Connecticut
Wrapper Connecticut
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description So now take everything I said at the beginning of the description for #84, and reverse it. Even after removing the bands, the look of this cigar leads to a lot of pre-smoke expectations. I bet you took one look at the Connecticut wrapper and knew exactly what it was going to taste like: creamy, buttery, boring, and creamy. I know I did.  Well, let me introduce you to the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño Connecticut. Of this cigar, Joya's factory manager, Mario Pérez, said, "This smoke is definitely an intense experience, the intriguing result of master blenders on a paradoxical quest: the creation of a flavor bomb like the rest of the Antaños but with this wrapper. It became a real challenge for us at the factory, torcedores and blenders, we all wanted to defy an industry mantra, we knew we could make a truly interesting CT cigar." A noble pursuit, no? I love what Halfwheel asked in their review... "Will this be more Antaño or more Connecticut?" Joya de Nicaragua is known for their rather STRONG cigars (often to a fault, in my opinion). But this medium-bodied Connecticut wrapped stick features very unexpected earthiness, meatiness, nuts and citrus. Also for a Connecticut shade cigar, it shows a surprising amount of complexity, varying in flavors from the first third to the last. In the end, this is a cigar I'll be reaching for in the future when I want a truly flavorful Connecticut shade. And to the folks at Joya de Nicaragua: Mission accomplished.
Review: Halfwheel For me, the question with this cigar is would it be more Antaño or more Connecticut? As it turns out, the answer—from start to finish—is a very politically correct both. It's never unhinged, but it's also pretty full. It's relatively balanced from start to finish, but it changes in fairly dramatic ways.
Review: Cigar Coop When it comes to the Joya de Nicaragua Antaño CT Robusto, it is a good cigar, but I found this to be a cigar that lacked “wow” power. I had high hopes for the Antaño CT specifically because it was joining the Antaño brand – the brand that I consider to have Joya de Nicaragua’s best blends. On one hand, it wasn’t as smooth and creamy as a traditional Connecticut Shade, and on the other hand, it wasn’t as bold and spicy as I was expecting from a contemporary Connecticut Shade. In the end, this is one of those cigars for which I recommend trying a sample first before deciding to purchase.