January 2020 Cigar Reveal

Warped (Edition One) - Cloud Hopper

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Brand Warped (Edition One)
Cigar Cloud Hopper
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description Cloud Hopper is the first cigar from the new brand Edition One, a collaboration between Warped's founder Kyle Gellis and his younger brother Devin. Warped exploded onto the cigar scene just a few years ago with cigars like Corto, La Hacienda, and Flor de Valle. Like most Warped cigars, Cloud Hopper is made in the TABSA factory in Nicaragua (Casa Fernandez and Aganorsa Leaf are also produced here). Gellis said about the name, "My younger brother Devin and I both travel a lot, we constantly share stories of our times traveling, in the air, etc. So Cloud Hopper was a term we used to describe our journeys, it was something we both share, the love of travel but sometimes travel doesn’t go as expected."
Review: Halfwheel
Starting a new brand is always a process, but there are a number of great things that jump out about the Cloud Hopper: the blend is decently complex, it features a ton of creaminess and it is very smooth. In addition, the construction was extremely good across the board, and the ever-present graham cracker sweetness was a great addition. While I would refrain from calling the Cloud Hopper a cheaper Warped cigar, some blends do share some similarities and this is well worth checking out for yourself.
Review: Leaf Enthusiast
This cigar is medium in body and complex in flavor profile, offering plenty of earth, fruit, floral and cedar notes at different times. It was really delightful from beginning to end, really hitting the spot as a great end of a long day of “stuff to do around the house.” I will be very happy to repeat this cigar frequently.

Alec Bradley - Prensado

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Brand Alec Bradley
Cigar Prensado
Wrapper Honduras
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Honduras/Nicaragua
Description "Prensado means a lot to me and the Alec Bradley story. Rolled at Raices Cubanas (‘Cuban Roots’) factory, the Prensado was first created to pay homage to the Cuban traditions of cigar making rolling the filler ‘entuba-do,’ triple capping the head and box pressing the finished cigar. Blended with proprietary estate grown corojo from the Trojes region of Honduras, Prensado would eventually be named Cigar Aficionado “Cigar of the Year,” propelling Alec Bradley’s trajectory into cigar culture much quicker than I anticipated."  - Alan Rubin, founder of Alec Bradley
Review: Cigar Aficionado
*#1 Cigar of the Year 🏆 (2011)* Prensado is as gorgeous a cigar as you'll ever see, with a picture-perfect head and a stunning wrapper. But it is the flavor that makes it a classic smoke. The Honduran and Nicaraguan tobaccos come together to create leather, chocolate and spice notes, and a long, lush finish.
Review: Cigar Inspector
I don’t agree with the Cigar Aficionado tasters/rating. I can think of many more cigars that I found exceptionally more appealing than this one. I think their tasters were being somewhat generous... I don’t think I recall seeing reviews of this cigar before the rating was released but since being crowned the best of 2011 I’ve seen many which is why I couldn’t wait to taste it for myself. I am often left wondering if people like the cigar because of its crown or if they actually find the smoke pleasing. Much of my positive rating for this cigar was based on appearance. The cigar really looked sexy and I really wanted this cigar to be better. I absolutely loved its appearance. Unfortunately it failed miserably in the only area that counts: taste. This goes to show that beauty is truly only skin (wrapper) deep.