March 2019 Cigar Reveal

Foundation Cigar Co. - El Gueguense

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Brand Foundation Cigar Co.
Cigar El Gueguense
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Review: Halfwheel
El Güegüense is a flavor bomb, with a dominant mesquite barbecue note that is not only present throughout the profile, but also balanced quite nicely with the rest of the flavors. Yes, I think I little more sweetness—or even significantly more—would only help increase the complexity of the blend, but as it stands, the El Güegüense is a hell of a great debut for the Foundation Cigar Co. brand.
Review: Cigar Aficionado
Solidly rolled with a toothy wrapper, this cigar starts strong and spicy, leaving leathery, meaty impressions that segue into a vanilla-bean sweetness.

Crowned Heads - Luminosa

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Brand Crowned Heads
Cigar Luminosa
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Undisclosed
Filler Undisclosed
Review: Halfwheel
The complexity might be lacking a bit, but it’s not a noticeable flaw of this cigar and the fantastic construction only adds to the things to like about the Luminosa. There’s no doubt that I’m impressed and intrigued by the blend and look forward to smoking more in the near future.
Review: Cigar Authority
This new age Connecticut is a savory experience with the nuances of flavors and strength. It continues the trend of great cigars from Crowned Heads and this is definitely box worthy.