November 2018 Cigar Reveal

My Father - La Opulencia

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Brand My Father
Cigar La Opulencia
Wrapper Mexico
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description It’s not the first time, and certainly will not be the last time Standard & Twain features a cigar from Pepin Garcia’s My Father factory. The My Father La Opulencia combines elements of two classic smokes - the original My Father and the Le Bijou - with a Mexican Rosado wrapper and a Nicaraguan filler grown from the Garcia’s own farms. Having already won two cigar of the year awards from Cigar Aficionado, in 2018 La Opulencia was named the #2 cigar of the year. This cigar is extremely smooth and balanced, sweeter and with less spice than many of the Garcia offerings. 
Review: Halfwheel
There are perhaps a dozen cigar companies that I will make an effort to eventually try every single new blend they release, and My Father is one of them. The La Opulencia is an extremely smooth blend, with a profile that features a medium-full strength and dominated by core flavors of both earth and leather, along with a slight vanilla bean sweetness that comes and goes throughout.
Review: Cigar Aficionado
The combustion is perfect, the draw offering earthy underpinnings of chocolate and cocoa with each puff, balanced by a mid-palate oakiness and sweeter, subtle top notes of anise and nougat. And this cigar evolves, getting stronger incrementally as the flavors gradually gain intensity. It’s another top effort from the Garcias, who have won Cigar of the Year two times.  

Rocky Patel - Decade

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Brand Rocky Patel
Cigar Decade
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Ecuador
Description Rocky Patel is one of the greatest success stories in the cigar industry. With no Latino roots in an industry oft-dominated by Cuban families going back generations in the cigar industry, he managed to grow his brand to one of the largest in the world. Now with hundreds of cigars in his portfolio, the Decade may be the best of them. This cigar, which commemorated his ten years in the cigar industry, is box-pressed with a gorgeous, silky Indonesian wrapper. 
Review: Cigar Aficionado
Rocky Patel has long been considered one of the hardest-working men in the cigar business, and the Rocky Patel Decade Torpedo is his masterpiece… Not only has he made it past 10 years, he has become a cigar industry star, and one who has put his name on a balanced and elegant smoke, which has a creamy texture with black cherry notes and a nutty finish.
Review: The Stogie Guys
From the very beginning you can tell this is the sort of cigar that has an incredible amount of flavor with very little strength. I encountered tastes of cocoa, nuts, and cream with a long, spicy finish. No harshness to be found.