November 2019 Cigar Reveal

RoMa Craft - CroMagnon Aquitaine

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Brand RoMa Craft
Cigar CroMagnon Aquitaine
Wrapper Ecuador
Binder Cameroon
Filler Nicaragua
Description Mike Rosales ('Ro') and Skip Martin ('Ma'), a former cigar shop owner, launched their brand out of Austin, Texas, nearly a decade ago. Their cigars quickly became some of the most sought after in the country and RoMa Craft became one of the leaders of the boutique movement that continues in the cigar industry today -- Flavors: Graham Cracker, Cocoa, Coffee, Licorice, Charcoal 
Review: Stogie Press
Overall, the RoMa Craft Aquitaine was a flavor packed cigar with continuous transitions through the burn to keep the palate enticed. There was a slight bitterness at the end of the second third but that was overtaken by natural sweetness after a few puffs. The burn was error free from foot to nub and this is one you want to take to the nub!
Review: Halfwheel
There’s a bit of a refining as the Aquitaine moves on, the nuttiness becomes much more present, the coffee more separated and the cedar begins to shed some of its less precise characteristics. A few consecutive retrohales develops a bit of tea underneath a peppery cedar. A touch-up seems to be needed about once per cigar, but other than that the construction is great.

E.P. Carillo - Encore

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Brand E.P. Carillo
Cigar Encore
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description Ernesto Perez Carillo is known as the ‘Godfather of boutique cigars’, and for good reason. In the nineties he created La Gloria Cubana. He later sold that company and founded E.P. Carillo cigars. Though he has over 50 years in the industry, today his brand is more popular than ever after receiving Cigar Aficionado’s 2018 Cigar of the Year with the Encore Majestic -- Flavors: Toast, Dry Lumber, Nuts, Caramel, Orange peel, Oak, Medium-Bodied
Review: Cigar Aficionado 
"The filler tobaccos deep inside are from Nicaragua’s three primary growing regions—Estelí, Condega and Jalapa—and all of it comes together in the Majestic, a robusto of immaculately detailed flavor that ranges from oak and tea to caramel sweetness with tangy citrus pops of candied orange peel. It’s elegant, refined and nuanced from first puff to last..." (2018 CIGAR OF THE YEAR)
Review: Blind Man's Puff
The Encore Majestic is the penultimate cigar smoking experience for me. Good looking, well constructed with a very good draw and burn, this smoking experience left me wanting nothing more than what I had. Easy to smoke, enjoyable to my palette and relaxing yet interesting, the Majestic maintained it’s great construction without need for touch-ups while producing a nice amount of bluish white smoke. The flavors were there right from the start with great progression and a weaving type quality that kept me very interested. It hits all my sweet spots of earthiness, chocolate and coffee, citrus and even a bit of nuttiness mixed in from time to time. I don’t buy a lot of boxes of cigars because I really do like variety but I dare say this is one cigar that will have a permanent place on my list of box worthy cigars.