October 2019 Cigar Reveal

Tatuaje - Black Label

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Brand Tatuaje
Cigar Black Label
Wrapper Nicaragua
Binder Nicaragua
Filler Nicaragua
Description There are few brand owners in the last decade that have garnered more respect than Tatuaje's Pete Johnson. Before hitting the market, the Tatuaje Black Label was Johnson's personal smoke, a cigar he claimed was replicated from private blends of Cuban cigar rollers. The cigar has been so highly sought after over the years that it's often accused of not living up to it's billing, but in the end the black label is a rich, complex cigar worthy of a private label.
Review: Halfwheel If you smoke this cigar distracted, you won't get it. The beauty of the Black Label blend is this discerning roughness that multiplies the complexity of the blend immensely.
Review: Cigar Dojo There is a noticeable “coating of oil” in your mouth with the Black Label Corona Gorda, it’s something that may go undetected if you’re not attuned to it. The final third is spectacular. I wish it would never end and my singed lips and finger tips prove it. The flavors are intense on the retro without being harsh. At this point, the pepper mingled nicely with the cocoa-covered grapefruit. As many have noted in their trials with this smoke, it has a distinct “graham cracker” profile that is more than welcomed. The cigar is bold without smacking you in the face. Hints of Cuban influence shine at this point and it is clear why this cigar was so anxiously anticipated.