Alec and Bradley

Alright now follow this carefully... This one is from Alec and Bradley Rubin, sons of Alan Rubin, of Alec Bradley cigars, who confusingly named his company after his two sons... Got that? When Alan Rubin first started in the cigar industry his sons were just children. But twenty years later, having grown up around the production, business and culture of cigars, they decided to start their own cigar line under the Alec Bradley brand. The Gatekeeper is their sophomore project together without their father, the first being the highly acclaimed Blind Faith. Gatekeeper was released in 2019 and made in Ernesto Perez-Carillo's Tabacalera Alianza factory, and the next year it landed on Cigar Aficionado's Top 25 Cigars of the Year list. However, the next year they moved production from Alianza in the Dominican to Nestor Plasencia in Honduras. Of the change, Alec Rubin said, “Bradley and I want to assure our brand advocates that absolutely nothing has changed with the Gatekeeper blend. Our relationship with Ernesto is everlasting and he will still be very much involved in the process, ensuring only the highest quality standards.”

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  • Dominican Republic
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  • Nicaragua
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  • Ecuador, Honduras

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Review - Gatekeeper Cigar

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Cigar Dojo

(#7 Cigar of 2020) The Gatekeeper finds synergy and balance with its backbone of pepper (both red and black), nougat and caramel that’s spicy in the right places, sweet in the right places and pops with savory snaps of leather.

Cigar Aficionado

Sometimes it feels like a cigar has simply too much going on, which is the feeling I'm left with after smoking three samples of the Alec & Bradley Gatekeeper. The flavor starts out big but unfocused, something that continues through a good chunk of the first half. The second half sees some of the intensity settle down but at the expense of the smoke getting rough on the palate, meaning that for most of the cigar my attention is being pulled away from the core of what the blend has to offer. Technical performance was very good, which at least meant I didn't have to concern myself with that as well. I'm hopeful that some time and rest might aid that endeavor as I've got another sample sitting in my redux humidor, but if you opt for one of these now, be prepared for a lot of flavors and some occasional detours that will keep your palate more than just occupied, it will keep it busy trying to keep up.