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All Saints Dedicación

All Saints Dedicación

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"There are many misconceptions about cigars that continue to be perpetuated even to this day: if the wrapper is dark, it is a strong cigar; if it is a torpedo vitola you have to use a straight cut, or —one of my personal favorites—Connecticut-wrapped blends are the only blends you should smoke in the morning. With its Mexican San Andrés wrapper, the All Saints Dedicación turns the latter misconception on its head, inundating the palate with distinct flavors that are rich, sweet and creamy throughout. True, there are not many overt changes in the profile during its close to two hour smoking time, but it burns like a dream and features a very well-integrated strength that never threatens to go beyond a strongish-mild level. In the end, if you are looking for a new cigar to smoke in the morning or as a change of pace stick, the Dedicación should absolutely be on your radar."

Rating: 91/100

- Halfwheel


"The sweetness comes from harmonious corners. The creamy chocolate tiramisu, brown sugar cookies, a slight teriyaki influence, premium caramel, and a chewy nougat are like long lost pals. The savory is made up of seared smoky filet mignon, Brazil nuts, a touch of peanuts that weave themselves in and out of the picture, and…I know this is weird, but a fine cold water sauteed salmon. It is not fishy tasting. I’m miles away from a girl’s locker room…but it has that beautifully oily and buttery, flaky richness that I’ve never tasted in another cigar blend."

Rating: 96/100

- kohnhed


"There were four samples of the All Saints Dedicación Mitre that were smoked for this assessment. It seemed to be the same story each time I smoked them – namely what I term a “tale of two cigars.” This is what I refer to as promise in the first half and disappointment in the second half – and that was the script with the All Saints Dedicación Mitre. Nice flavors in the first half, but flavors that become muddled and unexciting in the second half. While I haven’t formally assessed the Dedicación in the box-pressed sizes, I’m inclined to still go back to those. For now, this is a cigar I recommend trying a sample first to see if this is the cigar for you."

- Cigar Coop

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