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AVO Syncro Nicaragua

AVO Syncro Nicaragua

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The Avo Syncro Nicaragua broke new ground in the cigar scene with a bunch of firsts (for them). It was the first regular Avo cigar that went box-pressed, and it marked the debut of a box-pressed stogie from the famed Davidoff of Geneva factory in the Dominican Republic. Plus, it proudly rocked Nicaraguan tobacco for the first time. The blend mixed Nicaraguan leaf from Ometepe with Dominican goodies like Piloto Cubano, San Vicente, and a Piloto-Olor hybrid, creating a Toro that was all about balance. AVO had always nailed that sweet spot in Davidoff's lineup, delivering refined profiles at prices that didn't. And with those Nicaraguan vibes, it hinted at a bolder flavor ride than your typical AVO smoke.


Cigar Aficionado

2015 Top 25 Cigar of the Year 🏆

There are a lot of "firsts" for the Avo Syncro Nicaragua brand. It's the first regular-production Avo to be box pressed. It's the first regular-production box-pressed cigar to ever come out of Davidoff of Geneva's factory in the Dominican Republic. And, as is indicated in the name, it's also the first Avo to use Nicaraguan tobacco. The name is also meant to suggest synchronization between the different tobaccos in the blend, which include Nicaraguan tobacco from Ometepe and Dominican tobacco types such as Piloto Cubano, San Vicente and a hybrid tobacco spawn from Piloto and Olor. The Toro's blocky dimensions and smart blending allow each tobacco to express itself, showing notes of leather, minerals and a dried apricot sweetness.

Score: 93/100

Cigar Dojo

AVO Syncro Nicaragua does exactly as advertised, "syncing" Davidoff's skill in blending Dominican tobaccos with enough Nicaraguan edge to keep you interested throughout. There are loads of complexities and refined flavors throughout. This is definitely not a Nicaraguan cigar in character, which might be confusing, considering its name. But when you understand the concept and what they're going after, I think it's easy to appreciate what AVO has accomplished with their first commitment to the power of Nicaraguan tobacco.

Score: 92/100



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