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Camacho Corojo

Camacho Corojo

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"In the 1960’s, we received a handful of smuggled Authentic Corojo seeds and began growing them in the Jamastran Valley of Honduras. A rugged area of the country with a similar microclimate to that of Cuba’s famed, Vuelta Abajo region. Over the course of four decades, we learned and perfected growing the original Corojo strain outside of Cuba. Making us the last in the world preserving and in possession of this critical element that made Cuban cigars and Cuban tobacco famous. The integrity and nostalgia of Cuba’s famed Corojo tobacco lives on. We make it available without the need of a time machine."

Leaf Enthusiast

This full-bodied cigar is a spice bomb. If you don’t like your cigars with lots of pepper…just stay away! If that’s up your alley, though, the Camacho Corojo is sure to please. There was lots of earth, cedar, and citrus sweetness in there with all that pepper, too, so it’s definitely not a one-note stick. Tremendous value overall, but for the most part my palate would demand the extra sweetness of the Maduro version.

Cigar Aficionado

Oils gleam off the wrapper of this robusto, which burns unevenly but draws well. This is a leathery smoke with notes of black pepper and cocoa supported by earthy underpinnings. The spicy finish leaves the palate dry.

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