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Casa 1910 Cuchillo Parado

Casa 1910 Cuchillo Parado

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We love nothing more than discovering new and unique concepts for cigars. At a time when attention-grabbing-gimmicks seem like the trend for newer cigar companies trying to stand out, it's refreshing to find a relatively new brand putting in real thought and effort into their company, and in turn, the cigar industry itself. Casa 1910 founders pride themselves not only on Mexican-grown tobacco, but Mexican heritage as well. One way they do that is by creating delicious, well-made cigars using 100% Mexican tobacco. Because Mexican tobacco is more rare than your typical cigar-growing nations, this isn't a cheap cigar at around $17, but it's unique tobacco and accompanying flavor make it worth a blind tasting!



I’ve long held Mexican tobacco in pretty high regard, largely due to the wrappers that have been used on some very good if not outright great cigars over the past several years. As such, I tend to have a decent idea of what I expect from a cigar that has Mexican tobacco in it, but this profile shows another side of Mexican tobacco. It’s lighter in body and offers a lighter flavor profile that has some similarities with Sumatra tobacco grown elsewhere, though with a unique spin here due to the Mexican soil. Each sample can be summed up as enjoyable with some issues, which can be attributed to varying derailments by sourness or char. That said, this is still a cigar I’d smoke again and one that has me excited to see what else Casa 1910 will have to offer, and one I would recommend to almost anyone in order to get another flavor profile from Mexican tobacco.

Cigar Coop

One point that comes to mind is that for a Mexican-wrapped cigar, the Casa 1910 Cuchilo Parado is going to be one of the more dialed-back cigars. Normally I wouldn’t prefer a cigar with the flavor profile that I described in the tasting notes, but the fact that this cigar was more dialed back, I can see where this cigar is going. This is a very different cigar that its sibling cigar in the Revolutionary Edition, the Tierra Blanca. I’d still probably reach for the Tierra Blanca. While it’s a little more pricey at $15.00, this is still a cigar I would recommend trying a sample of and seeing if it’s a fit for you.

Cigar Dojo

Casa 1910 as a company has a good mission statement, and their goal of adding to the premium cigar lifestyle of Mexican cigars should be applauded. I believe this should be encouraged as well. However, this cigar needed something more to contrast its subdued core flavors (or possibly something altered to remove some of the odd flavors encountered throughout). Perhaps some Nicaraguan tobacco as a filler could have helped bring a more balanced smoking experience. I think for the cigar nerds this is an experience that should be tried, but I don’t see myself revisiting this cigar anytime soon. With that said, I will keep Casa 1910 on the radar and try other cigars that they release.

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