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Casa 1910 Sampetrina

Casa 1910 Sampetrina

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Petra Herrera “Sampetrina“ was a brave Soldadera of the Revolution.  She actively participated in the struggle, disguising her gender to join the forces commanded by Pancho Villa.  She adopted the name Pedro Herrera and dressed as a man. It is said that she managed to gather up to a thousand Soldaderas.  

We are dedicating this cigar to Petra’s honor.  We want to shine a light upon her incredible leadership and skills with explosives. With this cigar you will experience a delicate beginning. Notes of nutmeg, freshly baked bread and oak wood remind us of the autumn season.

- Casa 1910


"The Casa 1910 Soldadera Edition Sampetrina offered a wide range of flavor combinations and the intensity ranged from light-plus at times all the way through medium-full. I wouldn’t say any third was like the previous with the exception of a consistent sesame seed cracker flavor through the entire review. The draw was perfect, while the burn suffered, requiring two re-lights and a touch-up. Usually burn issues impact the flavor profile of a cigar, but I came away from this review eager to light up another. This is easily my favorite Casa 1910 release we’ve reviewed so far."

- Developing Palates

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