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Casa 1910 Tierra Blanca

Casa 1910 Tierra Blanca

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We love nothing more than discovering new and unique concepts for cigars. At a time when attention-grabbing-gimmicks seem like the trend for newer cigar companies trying to stand out, it's refreshing to find a relatively new brand putting in real thought and effort into their company, and in turn, the cigar industry itself. Casa 1910 founders pride themselves not only on Mexican-grown tobacco, but Mexican heritage as well. One way they do that is by creating delicious, well-made cigars using 100% Mexican tobacco. Because Mexican tobacco is more rare than your typical cigar-growing nations, this isn't a cheap cigar at around $17, but it's unique tobacco and accompanying flavor make it worth a blind tasting!


Cigar Obsession

Casa 1910 Revolutionary Edition Tierra Blanca Cigar Review – This 6×54 stick features a dark chocolate, dense, firmly packed wrapper with a rough rustic satin feel, large double cap and light pepper and hay aroma. First light reveals a perfect draw with thick plumes of medium bodied smoke showing a fruity earth and building spice through the long finish. The first third burns fairly well still with a great draw and the body up to medium-full. Notes are joined by a vanilla on the draw and the spice coming down a tick on the long finish. The 1/2 way point comes at 40 minutes with flavors dropping the pepper and spice, adding a light candy like caramel to the finish, all with still a perfect burn and rich smoke. Ending at 1:20 the last third remained the same to the hot nub.

Guitars And Cigars Farm

Overall I thought this was a good cigar and provided me with a new appreciation for Mexican tobacco. The final burn time was around an hour and 23 minutes and in that time the cigar typically stayed within the lines of earthy, peppery, and woody with varying levels of intensity. There were some additions like milk chocolate, cream, plum, tannins, and berries that made for an overall interesting experience. As I mentioned in the review, the wrapper was quite thick and had some trouble burning completely straight, but nothing some small touch ups couldn’t fix. I’ll certainly smoke these again and I will also certainly be trying the other products they offer. My recommendation is that if you like Mexican tobacco, try one. If you don’t, still try one because I was very impressed with the versatility in this blend.
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