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Crowned Heads Mil Dias Maduro

Crowned Heads Mil Dias Maduro

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“Mil Días Maduro is an extension to the original Mil Días brand,” said Jon Huber, co-founder of Crowned Heads. “What’s important to note, however, is that the Maduro blend is not simply a re-tread of the original blend where we just swapped the wrapper leaf out. Mil Días Maduro is an all-new blend from the outside to the inside that we felt was worthy of bearing the Mil Días brand name. We began working on the Mil Días Maduro blend with Eradio Pichardo in the summer of 2023. The result is a cigar with a flavor profile that is dense and lush, layered with notes of dark chocolate, baking spices, with excellent structure and a pepper component that is most noticeable on the retrohale.”



The profile is rich and dynamic, with main flavors of charred meat, cedar and powdery cocoa nibs that combine seamlessly with an aggressive black pepper and sweetness present on the retrohale throughout the two-hour smoking time. In addition, the construction was quite good for all three cigars—I only had to pick up my lighter once—and the medium-full strength never came close to negatively affecting the balance. I have not smoked the other two vitolas in the line yet, but if they are as good as this one, Crowned Heads has another winning blend in its portfolio.

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