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Esteban Carreras Chupacabra

Esteban Carreras Chupacabra

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With a tightly-coiled pigtail cap, closed semi-shaggy foot, and an oily, toothy wrapper in a dark milk chocolate brown shade, the initial aroma is earthy and leathery. The pre-light draw impresses with flavors of coffee, semi-sweet chocolate, and earth. Lit, it delivers prominent notes of dark roast coffee, dry cocoa powder, mild sweetness, and an earthy core, with a full-bodied, slightly spicy retrohale. Midway, construction issues emerge, affecting the draw and introducing bitterness due to a hollow spot in the filler. Post-issue, the cigar recovers, offering a sweeter profile with chocolate and raisin, maintaining coffee and earth notes, and concluding with an earthier, smoother coffee flavor.

Leaf Enthusiast

In the final third, the Cupra Cabra took on more earthiness and a smoother coffee flavor, while it lost most of the sweetness. Normally, that’s something I don’t like to see, but here the flavors were good enough that it didn’t bother me and I kept enjoying the cigar right to the end. I found the body to be full, although not overwhelmingly so. The strength was about the same. At the end of the day, what I found with this cigar was a very enjoyable smoke, despite the construction issues near the end of the first third. That may be an anomaly, although only repeated testing will tell for sure…and test it repeatedly is what I shall do. Very good smoke well worthy of picking up a few sticks here and there.

Total: 9/10


This cigar is about the elements of sweet. Even though it is a Nic puro, it doesn’t have the stereotypical Nicaraguan flavor profile. Normally, cocoa and coffee are the dominant flavors. And as I write this, the cocoa lurches forward and creaminess appears moving the duo to the front of the line. While the flavors are fairly bold, it doesn’t meet the criteria for flavor bomb.

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