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JC Newman Diamond Crown Classic

JC Newman Diamond Crown Classic

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"Handmade in the Dominican Republic by the world-renowned Tabacalera A. Fuente y Cia, Diamond Crown cigars are rolled by the very best Master Rollers and undergo rigid quality standards before public release. 

Each Diamond Crown cigar passes through three inspections and is aged in lots of 50 in cedar curing rooms for a minimum of twelve months. Additionally, Carlos Fuente selected only the most skilled cigar makers for Diamond Crown, paying them a fixed top rate of pay. Therefore, Diamond Crown cigar maker’s incentive is to make the best, rather than the most cigars.

Diamond Crown’s exceptional taste comes from the five-year-old Connecticut Fermented Wrapper. Unlike most quality tobacco wrappers, normally given a single fermentation, Diamond Crown wrappers are conditioned, graded and selected for a second fermentation. It is this “second curing” that evens and develops the Rosado color of the tobacco wrapper and eliminates any potential rawness, accounting for much of Diamond Crown’s sweet, smooth, richer flavor."


The Cigar Authority

In the second third a well-defined almond note begins to take hold of as the dominant flavor with subtle vanilla notes remaining on the retrohale. The second third of the cigar continues to be earthy and a bit salty as well. The finish at this point of the cigar is moderate in length.

The last third of the Diamond Crown still continues to deliver some nuttiness but the almond definition has left the experience. The addition of some strong cedar notes become the dominant flavor profile with a touch of espresso and hay. The retrohale offers some spice which transitions this cigar from mild to medium.

Blind Mans Puff

Into the middle portion the grassy flavors have disappeared and instead have been replaced with a completely different profile consisting of creamy cashew with a slightly spicy finish…the flavors are mild, smooth, and really quite nice. Through the nose the smoke has remained pleasant and just about perfectly laced with white pepper. 


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