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JC Newman Diamond Crown Maximus

JC Newman Diamond Crown Maximus

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Stanford Newman wanted to create a hearty complement to the wildly successful Diamond Crown line. To accomplish this, he enlisted the help of two legendary cigar families, the Fuentes and Olivas. After years of collaboration, for the company’s 110th anniversary, J.C. Newman launched a full-flavored, bold cigar that could only be created by these three cigar masterminds, the Diamond Crown Maximus.

Exclusively hand rolled in the Dominican Republic with Carlito Fuente’s very best master rollers, the long filler in Maximus is a secret blend of specially aged Dominican filler tobaccos. The Maximus wrapper is a special Ecuadorian tobacco, exclusively grown on the El Bajo region of the Oliva’s Ecuador plantation. El Bajo sits in a pristine valley where the mountain’s natural minerals and nutrients, washed down by centuries of rain, have made the soil exceptionally rich; perfect for growing tobacco.

The unique and remarkably smooth, full-bodied flavor of the Diamond Crown Maximus is unparalleled.Only the richest, hardiest and darkest tobacco from the top priming ‘corona’ of the plant is used in Diamond Crown Maximus. Because of the tobacco’s weight, Carlos Fuente is able to re-bulk and re-ferment the tobacco, further contributing to its full flavor and dark color.

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