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JC Newman Julius Caeser

JC Newman Julius Caeser

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Cigar Aficionado

Two-time Top 25 Cigar of the year 🏆
Julius Caeser Newman (the middle name is a misspelling of the famed Roman emperor's moniker) was the founder of J.C. Newman cigars, a company that dates back to 1895 when Newman first rolled cigars in Cleveland. The company, now in Tampa, Florida, remains a strong force in the cigar industry. Grandsons Eric and Bobby remembered Julius with the 2010 creation of the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser line of cigars, rolled by the Fuente family. Our favorite of the line is the Pyramid, which has loads of rich coffee flavors, along with some sweet and spicy wood. This is the third cigar from Fuente to make our Top 25, tying it with My Father Cigars S.A. for most from any cigar manufacturer.


The Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is so smooth that an inexperienced smoker could confuse this for a mild bodied cigar. I read a couple reviews and they said the cigar was too mild for them. LOL. Bam! A massive surge of flavor occurs. Just like that. Turning a light switch on. The Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is now a major flavor bomb. Damn. I wasn’t expecting that. The creaminess, malts and chocolate are driving the bus now. Huzzah! The spiciness has returned in spades.

Cigar Coop

This time around, the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser Robusto performed well. This cigar had about a month in the Cigar Coop humidor. Past experience with the Diamond Crown Julius Caeser in the Robusto size has proven to me it does age quite well over longer periods of time. This wasn’t a case where the cigar was young. It’s a case that it becomes that much better over time. The Diamond Crown Julius Caeser is a cigar I could recommend to any enthusiast. It is also a cigar I’d buy and smoke again, but my recommendation is put it in the humidor and take advantage of long-term aging.
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